In view of American attempts to establish a US influence zone in Eastern Syria the chances are that a full-scale Proxy war is likely to begin soon. From #The Russian point of view, the situation in this Arab country calls for the deployment of some new, mighty weapons, for example; the air dominance fighter jets Sukhoi Su-57. There is, however, not only the future of Syria at stake in this dangerous game. It's quite true that the Western powers are not very gallant, according to Mr Putin they don't want to establish a true dialogue with #Russia and only tried to gain unilateral military advantages. As he said: “in order to dictate the terms in every sphere in the future.”

The first impression address would be boring, then he suddenly changed tack

He paid compliments to himself, advertising “a solid foundation” created during his years at the head of Russia for the economic and social development of this huge country.

He mentioned the necessity to modernise the power generation sector. He spoke about the standard of living, minimum wage, spatial development of Russian regions, and about ”the entire civilisation."

Vladimir Putin said Russia has developed an “invincible” nuclear missile that would be “unstoppable” because it could travel 20 times the speed of sound and strike like a “meteorite”. Many other similar references were made in his speech. Videos played during his speech showing impressive footage.

And he added: “Friends, Russia already has such a weapon.”

The nuclear-powered intercontinental cruise missile, nuclear-powered underwater drone, etc. All these devices have apparently no equivalent. It would also mean, as long as their existence could be proven, it would show the absolute technological superiority of Russia.

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Two statements that should be taken seriously

The English language mainstream press paid scant attention to Putin's two other important statements

The first statement: “Let me recall that the #United States is creating a global missile defence system primarily for countering strategic arms that follow ballistic trajectories. These weapons form the backbone of our nuclear deterrence forces, just as other members of the nuclear club.

"As such, Russia has developed and work continuously to perfect, highly effective but modestly priced systems to overcome missile defence. They are installed on all of our intercontinental ballistic missile complexes.”

And the second: “A real technological breakthrough is the development of a strategic missile system with fundamentally new combat equipment – a gliding wing unit, which has also been successfully tested.”

Something like that was already predicted in this YouTube video:

Points of strategical importance must be reconsidered

The United States missile defence shields would be fully neutralised in the case of war between the two superpowers.

The shadowy vessels (retained on board of nuclear-powered submarines) autonomous underwater vehicles, being equipped with warheads with a power of 100 megatons, would be able to destroy all eleven American aircraft carrier groups in a flash. The weapons would make the American military bases in foreign countries useless, and the costs of their maintenance would have to be deleted in order to increase national defence expenditure. On the whole it would effectively end the Western efforts to contain Russia in Europe and in the Middle East.

Who is now to blame?

Frankly speaking...the Western leaders have made a big mistake – the same damned mistake they always do. For many centuries they underestimate the abilities of the Russian people and their determination to fight back as they feel their homeland is in danger. It seems there is still time to make peace with Putin. He's not a bloodthirsty, insane antisemite or similar. If ignored a fresh arms race or something much worse will follow.