British Airways experiencing major disruptions today following a "power supply issue"

Both domestic and international flights have been affected by yesterday's unexpected system outage, to the dismay of those travelling with British Airways across the world. Passengers have been left waiting around in airports, forced to spend unexpected large amounts of money on unplanned overnight accommodation at airports.

Thousands of passengers world-wide left stranded in airports

Reports describe a "harum-scarum atmosphere" permeating through UK airport terminals, with backlogs of planes, passengers and baggage causing chaos.

The airline has advised passengers to stay at home in a bid to ease the stress placed on airports due to overcrowding.

Travellers are emotional about the lack of guidance being provided by the airline. Unhappy passengers are taking to Twitter to express their feelings about the chaotic situation. Such passengers include an engaged couple, forced to postpone their Santorini wedding due to a large number of their guests (and three of their bridesmaids!) having been left stranded in Heathrow airport.

Suggestions have been made linking the technical difficulties with a cyber attack (with tensions particularly palpable in lieu of recent terror threats). However, British Airways adamantly maintains that no evidence to support this claim has been found.

All British Airways flights departing from Heathrow and Gatwick today have been cancelled

British Airways has publicly apologised for the inconvenience caused, with a spokesperson stating that every effort is being made to resolve the issue swiftly.

However, with airline customer service having become a hot topic since the appalling treatment of a United Airlines passenger earlier this year - how much of an impact will this debacle have on the reputation that British Airways holds?

If you are amongst those affected by this issue, be aware that you are entitled to a certain amount of compensation by the airline.

EU flight delay rights - concerning flights from EU countries, or with EU airlines - entitle you to varying amounts of compensation, dependent on whether your flight was short-haul, medium-haul, or long-haul. This includes not only financial reimbursement, but in cases of delays that exceed two hours, also food, drink, and access to calls and emails. Stay vigilant!