I have always believed that traveling is the best way to invest time; the hours are expanding, the days are contracting and the nights seem to have no end. To travel to another place is also to travel in time and in the experience, is to live stories that would otherwise remain hidden. In February, I had the great fortune to know San Francisco, where I left a piece of my heart.

I have heard many experienced travelers speak of the spirit of the city, that indescribable halo that goes beyond the architectural style or the beauty of the landscape. The first time I experienced it was in London, something like an incandescent heartbeat, an incombustible energy that runs through the streets of the big city and opens your eyes to much more than meets the eye.

The aura of Paris is also quite recognizable, as well as the serene sobriety that floats in the cold air of Vienna. I suppose I did, I liked to believe that cities have souls.

The beauty of San Francisco

Then I met San Francisco, an enigma wrapped in a mestizo beauty, a mystery waiting in every corner and one does not expect to solve; is simply satisfied with being part of it. Beyond the "Golden Gate" with its imposing reddish skeleton, the endearing progress of the trams, like the tangible presence of the past in our day, or the steep streets that point to the sun, extends a landscape that is not perceive with the eyes. It is in the contrasts, in the sudden changes in addition, in the freedom to merge with a culture as open as the sea that bathes the bay.

One hundred places in one one place

If you are one of those who enjoy marking on the map the places you visit, you will not miss this gem. You can feel in one hundred places at the same time, visit China while enjoying the American hospitality, savor the splendid Italian culture embedded in its streets like a huge emerald, and meet the voices of the world converging all in one place.

And in more specific terms, do not miss places like El Limón - the best Latin food in the center -, the towns that surround the city, like Sausalito, or stop to get up early to see how it dawns in the bay. Above all, let yourself be carried away by the magic of a city where the world meets.