Your Blastingnews reporter on the scene is here in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania covering the events surrounding February second’s appearance of Punxsutawney Phil around the world on TV. But the town is all about Groundhog Day all year round, not just on the second of February and demonstrates this by promoting Phil every chance it has.

Live feed

If you want to watch the end of the events live starting about an hour before Phil makes his grand appearance, not just the minute or two involving Phil which is usually shown on TV news around the world, check out the official Pennsylvania tourist live feed from Gobbler’s Knob.

Feed address:

The live coverage of the celebration should begin at 6 a.m. US east coast time on February second.

Your local reporter will be near the stage, monitoring the event. Of course there really isn't any question of a natural shadow since Phil will be bathed in television lights, but his handler will announce what Phil psychically communicates to him. Phil does sometimes get annoyed as any actor does, and has bitten his handlers more than once.

Of the 120 predictions made by Punxsutawney Phil, he has only predicted an early spring (meaning he saw no shadow), 15 times. His overall accuracy is difficult to be certain of because it only applies to the single hill outside Punxsutawney, but for the region in general it is about 40% which is pretty close to the 50% average enjoyed by college-educated meteorologists over the past 100 years.

Phil around town

In addition to all the signs and business names linked with groundhog day, there are dozens of giant fiberglass statues of Punxsutawney Phil in front of businesses and even churches around the area.

Each Phil sculpture is specific to that business or charity that commissioned the individual sculpture and while some are fading badly, many are kept bright and new.

They are all different, showing the money (banks), tools (hardware store), Scots background (Piper Phil by the Presbyterian church), a flower-toting Phallic Phil, as shown above (hospital), and more.

This year

The guest speaker this evening at the annual Groundhog Day banquet was Cheers’ favorite mailman,Cliff Clavin. Actor and mainly voice actor Emmy-nominated John Ratzenberger was in Punxsutawney today to promote trade school education and was also the guest of honor at the dinner.

70-year-old John Ratzenberger is famous for appearing (by voice) in every Pixar movie to date, although, not to this reporter's knowledge, ever as the voice of a groundhog. He is a strong believer that while pursuing your dream such as becoming an artist, or writer, or actor, it is good to have a fall-back position - his was woodworking. Harrison Ford’s was also woodworking. Your reporter’s was heavy equipment mechanic.

I stopped by Phil's home at the Library and shouted a question about his opinion of President Trump's immigration ban but he gave no answer, actually acting as if he didn't even hear or understand the question.