Can't move on from a past situation, a person or a habit? Feeling empty, uninspired and in need of a serious distraction? The answer to what to do when the mind is stuck on something you should let go of has always been to give itsomething else to think about. Right here and right now. Sometimes though, the obsessive thoughts seem just too big to handle or too deeply ingrained. Seeing again that old dear friend of yoursandsubscribing to that new coursearen't doingthe trick. If you happen tohave some extra time and cash in your hands, here's the list of the world's most extreme and exciting ways to get a mind-blowing, life changing shot of adrenaline you will never forget.

5 - Edge Walk

The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is home to a breathtaking, full circle view of the horizon. Participants are attached to a harness which keeps them from falling 609 meters down to the ground. A truly mind-expanding and extremely fascinating way to have a brand new view of the world.

4 - Shark Cage Diving

Shark cage diving originated in Oceania in the early nineties and quickly became popular also in South Africa. It's been described as a totally exhilarating experience and one can easily get an idea of why. A must do for everyadrenaline junkie, it's available at the very accessible, average price of 500 $.

3 - Marathon De Sables

This is knownas the toughest footrace on planet Earth.

An exhausting six days, 254 kilometer marathon across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Assaulted by the clouds of sand and marching with temperatures of 50 degreesand rationed water will certainly lock your brain on your life's real priorities for long enough.

2 - Running Of The Bulls

An all time classic of extreme experiences and rightfully a favorite among lovers of the risk.

The most prestigious Running of the Bulls event occurs every year in July in San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. It's highly dangerous as there have been many cases of death since its launch in 1924, but if you can survive this then you really can start believing you will survive anything!

1 - Wing Walking

Wing walking is the act of moving on the wings of an airplane during flight and a sure way to scare your brain out of itsissues.

Available in many locations across the UK, it's rapidly expanding in popularity. If you don't have a heart attack after few seconds, you will have the chance to feel again the king of the world. Di Caprio who?

Anyway, always remember: he or she simplyweren't worth your time!