Fancy a bit of skiing?

Where do you think the rich go for their holidays? Here's a guide to some of the world's most exclusive resorts. 

France's "Courchevel 1850" Is the most desirable ski resort in Europe. It's even more exclusive than Méribeland Zermatt, Switzerland. The"1850" in Courchevel's name refers to its altitude in metres. It is actually only 1,747 metres up, which makes it lower than rival Val d'Isère, which is actually at 1,850 metres. As part of Courchevel, there are other resorts known as "1650", "1550" and "1300" which are much lower (and cheaper) than "1850" of course.

So, what can Courchevel offer? Well, for a start, there are 275 ski runs (many of which are difficult black runs). A weekly ski pass that will cost you €216, and the cheapest beer in town is €4.50, which is actually cheaper than Méribel. The resort also has a shopping centre where you can buy designer ski gear from brands such as Dior, Armani, Chanel and Gucci. Courchevel regulars include George Clooney, Victoria Beckham and Roman Abramovich.

Other top ski destinations include Chamonix, France. This has the world's longest ski run at 24 kilometres. The resort has been called "the death-sport capital of the world" because of the availability of extreme sports such as ice climbing and paragliding.

It's a favourite of golfer Tiger Woods. St Moritz in Switzerland is possibly the most famous ski resort in the Alps, and two Bond films have been filmed there: Goldfinger and For Your Eyes Only.The town has 88 runs and a ski pass will cost you €240, but it also has Cresta Run: the world's most famous toboggan run. A beer's only €4, however, so it's a bit cheaper than other resorts.

You might spot Liz Hurley and Madonna shopping in the town's many boutiques.

Now what about a beach holiday? For a truly extravagant experience, you could book yourself into the Nygard Cay Beach Resort in New Providence, Bahamas. The resort only has one villa (so it's extremely exclusive) with 10 bedrooms, two pools, five jacuzzis, a tennis court, two volleyball courts, a basketball court, a 24-seat cinema and three boats.

There are also 20 servants to look after you and your family and friends. Unfortunately, it's a bit expensive. In 2008, the Nygard Cay costs $40,000 a day to rent. However, if you're looking for something a bit cheaper, you may want to try the private island of Musha Cay, also in the Bahamas. The island can accommodate up to 24 people and rates start from as little as $24,750 a day! So you'll be saving a lot compared to Nygard Cay. Isla de sa Ferradura, off the coast of Ibiza, is even cheaper, with room for 14 guests at only €130,000 a day.

Anyway, wherever you go, remember to have a good time, and do send me a postcard... If you have any money left for the stamp!