Having been to various destinations all over the world, including Malaysia, Istanbul, Florida, Portugal, Venice, Egypt and Paris, I always get drawn back to Dubai.

I have become accustomed to the sun, sea, sand, scenic views, relaxing lifestyle and the hospitality which is second to none. Not to mention the beautiful aroma of the UAE fragrances of Oud and Bahour, to mention just two. I am so smitten, that I truly believe it would be extremely difficult for any other destination to replicate all this and come anywhere near to becoming my no.1 destination.

Recalling back my first ever trip to Dubai, it was not a pleasant one. I had stayed in the old part of Dubai, which is nothing like the modern chic Dubai that I have become accustomed to. That trip did not entice me to return. On the contrary, I wouldn't have chosen it ever again. However, my father who also loves Dubai convinced me to return on my second trip, which ended up being one of my favourite holidays ever. This second trip, which was a treat for my 18th birthday, was my introduction to the Palm Jumeirah where we stayed at the Atlantis hotel on the tip of the palm itself.

Atlantis and the nearby Jumeriah Beach Hotel (JBH), five star hotels with unimaginable luxuries, are separated geographically only by the amazing Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world, at its time of construction.

Our trip was divided between the Atlantis and the JBH which created an unforgettable experience and lasting memory for me. Both the hotels come with their own water parks, which are accessible for the duration of your stay free for all the guests. The Wild Wadi Water Park is at the JBH and the Aqua Venture is adjacent to Atlantis.

They also have great restaurants giving you amazing dining experiences within the hotels, as well as shops, easy access to their own private beach, gymnasium and spa facilities, not to mention the fantastic pools and many family friendly activities too.

After this second trip to Dubai, (which many folks like me, think is a country, but it's one of the Emirates that forms the UAE or the United Arab Emirates) it's became my natural annual holiday destination and each time I discovered something new.

A few trips later, after raving about it to my friends and relatives, I went with a few of my family members, when we stayed at the Oasis Beach Tower Hotel on the Jumeriah Beach Residence walk (JBR). The Oasis Beach is a tower of serviced apartments, perfect for groups, families and couples alike, as it has restaurants, two pools, an amazing spa and gymnasium, which follows the theme of most of the lavishly finished, both boutique modern and traditional style hotels.

I was surprised I hadn't come to the JBR walk a lot sooner as it is one of the most vibrant and multicultural influenced areas with restaurants from all over the globe, catering for every taste, also showcasing a new multi-screen cinema as well as a large public beach.

The atmosphere on the walk is electrifying, with tourists from all over the world, as well as UAE nationals, enjoying the fantastic restaurants, the beach, ice cream parlours and the beautiful views. The walk is a hive of activity all day and night well into the early hours. So regardless of what time you feel like having a meaty burger or a healthy salad, your taste buds will certainly be catered for, in many cases 24/7. 

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