Hell's Angels may soon have to order their next generation choppers from Russia if they want to keep up with the latest Bike tech, and yet they may end up chased by equally well-tooled traffic cops. According to Lenta.ru Hoversurf, a Russian startup developed a working prototype of what they call a manned hoverbike. Looking like a sports bike-sized quadcopter, their electric powered Scorpion 3 model is outfitted with a motorbike style saddle placed amidst four rotor blades and can be controlled in the air both in manual and in automatic mode.

Scorpion 3, racing bike that flies

The idea to combine a motorbike and quadcopter resulted in a flying platform optimised for extreme performance. According to the manufacturer's website, Scorpion 3, their second and latest model is steered via bespoke software that automatically controls vehicle's balance, altitude and speed in any operation mode, thus ensuring safe flying. Even the hoverbike's introduction version is positioned as a gear well suited for extreme piloting. As Hoversurf put it, the overall look and feel of the aircraft were inspired by racing motorcycles. The preceding version, Scorpion 1, was presented the previous year. Already then the quadcopter bike prototype demonstrated its basic capabilities and performance, with the saddled pilot taking off, entering a steep climb and successfully landing.

According to its specs, Scorpion 3 can carry one or two people and is capable of reaching the top speed of 100 km/h, while staying airborne for about half an hour on a single charge. In addition, the vehicle is said to have an option to be conventionally wheeled on the ground just like a normal motorcycle. In such mode the battery charge is claimed to last up to eight hours with a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

Hoverbike flight tested by Dubai police at Gitex 2017

As reported by Arabian Business, at the Gitex 2017 show in Dubai on October 8th, the emirate's police force demonstrated the Hoversurf's flying electric motorbike. In a related video posted on YouTube, a motorbike helmet wearing police officer is flying the hoverbike for several minutes while playfully executing some stomach-churning climbs, descents and turns.

According to the report, the vehicle can also be controlled remotely. Gulf News quoted Ali Ahmad Mohammad, a local police spokesman as saying, "It can fly at a height of five meters and carry a policeman through heavy traffic and emergency situations. The bike can stay airborne for 25 minutes and carry a weight of up to 300 kg at 70 km/h cruise speed to a distance of up to six kilometers."