Windscreen-less, it's perhaps best known as the car that reduced Jeremy Clarkson's face to a flapping mess during an episode of Top Gear.

Built by Liverpool-based BAC (Briggs Automotive Company), the Mono is a lightweight, high performance, road legal supercar designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology.

Constructed using carbon fibre composite around a steel safety cell, it's powered by an all-new 2.5-litre Mountune four-cylinder engine producing 305bhp.

Weighing in at just 580kg, it has a power-to-weight ratio of 526bhp-per-tonne.

Impressive when you consider a McLaren P1 develops 521bhp-per-tonne.

it features a drive-by-wire throttle and an F3-spec 6-speed sequential gearbox. Customers also get a bespoke fitment with a customised steering wheel, individual pedal-reach adjustment and a tailor-made driving position.

The latest version of the car was launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June where it unofficially broke the record on the famous hillclimb with a series of runs below 50 seconds, and a fastest time of 47.9.

It's also officially the second fastest road legal car around the Top Gear test track, with a time of 1:14.3. With a 0-60mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 175mph, the BAC Mono is a seriously fast car.

Luxury market

Buy a BAC Mono and you're also a member of an exclusive club. Not just because the car costs from around £125,000 - less than 100 have been built and just one leaves the factory every month.

"The Mono is much more than a track car - it’s a scrupulously engineered luxury product that uses the best materials and the best minds to create something that truly stands in a league all of its own," said Andrew Whitney, BAC's Director of Strategy and Corporate Development.

He added: “It’s a very exciting time for the company, with new investment, a new factory and with our entry into new global markets.

"As awareness of the BAC brand builds around the world, we are finding that the Mono’s unique concept and our best of British brand values are attracting interest from famous names from the international luxury market and we are excited to raise the profile of the Mono even further.”