When we begin thinking about HDMI cables, we seldom think about the fact that there is more than one type of HDMI cable. It's confusing when we purchase a new DVD player and we suddenly find ourselves standing in front of 50 different cables that all have the name HDMI on them.

A regular HDMI cable is used on TV's, DVD players, computers, video games and other electronic products. The list can invariably go on to include smartphones, tablets and camcorders. What does an HDMI cable do that a regular USB cable can't? An HDMI cable is designed to bring you a clear and crisp picture and excellent audio sound.

It's used to transfer exceptional digital and multi-channel video and audio at fantastic resolution and color rates. HDMI has data error corrections that it can utilize which will ensure that you have the best audio and video quality available. In other words, when you're watching a television show or a DVD, you're going to see it in clear view and sound just like you were watching a person standing in front of you. The audio and video with HDMI is exceptional quality when compared to the static and sound distortion of the past using out dated cables and antennas.

A Mini HDMI is used on DSLR cameras standard sized tablets. We already know what a regular HDMI cable is used for, and with the Mini, you can expect the same quality resolution with video and audio.

The main difference in Mini and regular HDMI is the size of the connecting end of the HDMI cable. The Mini has a smaller connector and is easily used for smaller sized ports found on DSLR cameras, high-definition camcorders and standard sized tablets.

A Micro HDMI is used on smaller portable devices such as smartphones and smaller tablets.

It uses the same principal of the HDMI and Mini HDMI for the same exceptional audio and video as accessed on larger devices, yet makes the incredible quality available for smaller devices such as smartphones and small Android tablets. You can also get a Micro to regular HDMI connector which will make it possible to use the device straight to your HD TV or other HDMI compatible device by connecting your smart phone or tablet straight to the device with the connector.

A Micro USB is used on cellphones, cameras, and some e-readers. The Micro USB is a micro version of the standard USB cable that we have been using on our desktop computers for many years now. Micro USB is much smaller and sturdier than standard USB cables though and was made for use on smartphones and smaller gadgets than a standard USB cable was designed for. With the ever growing demand for thinner and sleeker smart phone designs, the standard USB is just too large and bulky to be used. The difference between a Micro USB and an HDMI cable is what it is used for.

While HDMI is used for quality audio and video, a Micro USB is generally used for being able to charge a cellphone, camera, or e-reader.

A Micro USB is also used to transfer different types of data straight to your desktop or laptop computer via the USB connection on each gadget. An HDMI cable is not used for data transfer at all.

When considering which type of cable is best needed for your device, it's important to get the correct cable. Remember these things. HDMI is going to be able to give you the best in audio and video and cables come in various sizes depending on your own personal electronics gadget. Now that you know the differences in each cable type, you're well on your way to becoming a pro at using any device that you own!