The festival season is well and truly underway, and with it comes the generic festival style with a few new additions for summer 2014. The usual trends will recur indefinitely and festival pictures and screenings display a sea of neon, denim cut offs and flower garlands aplenty. There are several looks and personas one can take on upon entry to a festival, whether it be the 'boho babe', channeling the likes of Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella with relaxed fit, plenty of fringing, Aztec prints and white broderie to name just a few, the 'stand out from the crowd' rocking the classic neon pieces with a twist, whether that be an eye-catching co-ordinate (matching short/skirt and crop top combination) or mirrored lens sunglasses and a jelly shoe (brave, WARNING- one should always equip themselves with wellies for said events).

Then there's the 'My boyfriends in a band' look, you know the type, guns and roses vest, biker boots and distressed denim (distressed being an understatement of all kinds), coal liner galore with a mystical stare ('I'm with the band, do not approach')

The decision is in your hands, which alter ego are you planning on taking on for the upcoming festival season? Or are you going to go one better and merge a few trends to really stand out from the crowd? From personal experience, being adorned in a yellow cagoule whilst Scouting For Girls performed the famous 'Michaela Strachan', which was all well and good until the recurrent line 'that girl in her yellow cagoule' leapt from the stage...All eyes were on me and there was nowhere to hide.

(Note to self- blending into the crowd isn't always a bad thing).

But hold on a moment, aren't we missing something... In previous years (with this year being no different), the spotlight has moved from the acts headlining the festivals to what everyone else is wearing and the importance of getting that festival look just right. So remember, less face art equals more time at the front row for those headliners!