A new jokey website has been launched designed to get people playing rather than just watching Snooker on the TV. The Break from Life website comes off the back of the successful Youtube channel of the same name which has well over 7000 subscribers at the time of writing this. Its main selling point from the Youtube channel was the jokey way the video narrator would explain the different aspects of the game and try to demonstrate how to play certain tough shots such as screw back and swerve shots.

Don't just watch, play!

The website is a one stop shot for everything for the full on snooker fan. It has a product review page where the owner gets people to post to him products that they might like reviewed, and tried out.

For example, the owner has reviewed Taom chalk, currently causing a frenzy in the snooker world. The website's unique selling point is its fresh approach to explaining how to play the game, with the videos having a blend of humour and sarcasm. Three of the best videos to watch are:

  • How I use side
  • How to clear the colours
  • Impossible snooker [VIDEO]shots made easy

This is the new video just posted: Watch...

On the site, the tutorial type videos are organised into different sections, as opposed to the Youtube channel where they are posted randomly. For example, videos related to aiming and cueing are organised accordingly.

Snooker online is booming, particularly for the Youtube generation as top coaches and players post their own take on how they play the game. Nic Barrow, who runs the Youtube snooker channel The Snooker Gym, has a subscriber base of 17K, and works from the base down in Milton Keynes where students go to seek his expertise.

Barry Stark, another top coach, who has had great success with the top 16 player Kyren Wilson, who earlier in the last weeks reached the World Championship semi-finals, also has a huge following on the social video site with a whopping 77K followers!

Top players such as 2005 World Champion Shaun Murphy and Anthony McGill have also dabbled in posting tutorial videos on how to play snooker. Such is the openness with the players - Barry Stark and Kyren Wilson have even done videos together - giving an insight into a player's practice routines and sessions. Here's one with Barry and Kyren below...

Get coaching

Snooker [VIDEO]is an enjoyable sport that if the basics are grasped - can be a lot less frustrating than you think - so I'd recommend if you are thinking of taking up the game - get some coaching even if it's only one lesson! It will be the best snooker investment you make! The WPBSA website has a section on where to find a coach in your area near you. Visit the new Break From Life website