IT has been nearly a month now since more than 100 players battled it out at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield in the 2018 Betfred World Snooker Championship qualifiers.

Although there was high tension throughout the 17 days at the main venue The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, there was intense drama at the Coleridge Road venue in Sheffield where fans got to watch quality snooker up close and personal,

Don't think that just because it's a qualifying venue that you can't get drama. In fact, the drama is intense there as players want to be one of the 16 to qualify for the Crucible.

However, since it's all over, here's 10 key things learned from the experience of being engrossed in a month of jam-packed World Championship snooker.

The Lessons

1) Don't Take Final Blacks for Granted On 147s

That's what Liang Wenbo did at the qualifiers, he missed a black to make two 147s in one match and be the first man to do it. Simply gutted. Lesson: Don't take any ball for granted on the table.

2) More Century Breaks Made Overall Than 2017

This year the total number of tons from both the qualifiers and the Crucible was 195. Last year's tally was 158 - with 37 more tons made. The Crucible saw 84 tons fly in by 21 players. Two shy of the record of 86. They're good these guys, aren't they!? Lesson: Tons don't always win you matches - but they are very entertaining to watch!

3) 146 Seems to be Becoming a Habit Now at The Crucible

John Higgins made the fourth 146 of the World Championships since 1977, joining the good company of the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan, Graeme Dott and Mark Allen, It was also the 20th 146 in snooker history.

Lesson: If you cant make a maximum, there's always a 146!

4) Big Shots

Every year there's a shot/s that make you go WOW! And then it makes you want to go down the club and try it out for yourself...This one was no exception by Mark Williams....Lesson: Learn the angles on the table...WATCH

5) Want to Know How Straight You're Cueing?

The Technique

Just shut your eyes on the pot and deliver the cue through straight. Our three-time World Champion will show you how it's done. Simples. Again, feel the cue deliver straight....Try it...Lesson: If you're set up right, then all you need to do is cue it right....WATCH

6) Celebrate After - Not Before

Judd Trump gave a fist pump at 11 - 9 when he was playing the four-time World Champion John Higgins. Any good coach worth his sort would advise showing your opponent no emotions and having a bluff poker face when you leave the arena after winning a frame. Lesson: By all means, clench those fists when you've won the match, but not a moment before...

7) Where's the Youngsters?

These youngsters have no stamina - do they? It took two over 40-year old's to show the World what real stamina was all about. One found the secret to a successful win was scoffing the sweets and getting a sugar rush! Lesson: Energy plays an important part in sport.

8) Always Watch What You Say

For the new 2018 World Champion Mark Williams - what was probably said as a joke - turned into a viral frenzy as true to his word he had to make good on his promise to deliver his winning press conference - naked. Even days later people are still talking about it...!Next year - he's promised to do cartwheels naked if he wins....Lesson: Be up for the challenge...

9) Shoulder Barge

Not much room you say? It's tight in there, isn't it. You literally have to barge your way to get to the table.

Lesson: Use it as a tactic to get your opponent rattled...Ali Carter certainly got under Ronnie O'Sullivan's skin. Watch below..

We can't wait for next year's World Snooker Championships. [VIDEO]

Now on Monday, May 14th - it's the gruelling QSchool... [VIDEO]