World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn has thrown down the gauntlet to slow Snooker Players - speed up or face the penalty.

His comments came at a news conference in Sheffield outlining the next phase of planet snooker under Hearn.

The conference revealed player's shot times over 30 seconds would be published on the World Snooker [VIDEO]website for all eyes to see on a three monthly basis over the season.

Hearn also announced that next year's World Championship [VIDEO] Blue Ribbon event would see the winner trouser £500K - an increase in £75K from this year.

This year, players are currently playing for a top prize of £425K

Hearn said: "We're in the entertainment business."

He made the case that upping the ante on prize money is essential if you are to entice the next generation of youngsters to want to play the game.

He also said with the older generation of players, they didn't have to play in every event on the calendar, but for those entering the sport there needed to be the incentive to come and play and share in the growth.

He also touched upon the shot time of the players and said some of them are becoming just a little bit slow.

Warning: Don't be a bore

On the BBC, he said, "If you're going over 30 seconds, then that's for me, boring."

He went onto to say 30 seconds per shot was about right and he warned that if, after a year, you don't improve and speed up on the clock, which will be monitored and the data published on the World Snooker website, you'll get a three strikes and you're out type scenario.

He also thought that maybe some players were being slow to slow down their opponent using it as gamesmanship.

"I don't like that" he added.

You'll get a warning, a yellow card and then possibly a fine if you're a persistent offender in a match.

On the World Snooker Live Scores part of the World Snooker website, players have their average shot times underneath their profile photograph and this has been done since the Welsh Open this season.

Fans and players lined up to comment on Twitter re the new policy.

About time?

World Championship last 16 qualifier Joe Perry simply tweeted: "About time too."

Players have got a year to buck their ideas up or face the penalty, whatever that may be.

For example, Judd Trump's average shot time is under 20 seconds a shot, whereas, 24 seconds per shot is Ricky Walden's - not slow by any means.

Fans enjoy the entertainment of the sport and the razmataz of some of the players like Judd.

Hearn did admit to the BBC that sometimes you obviously get slow frames, as the balls land nasty.

At the World Championship qualifiers last season, the record for the slowest frame was made between David Gilbert and Fergal O'Brien, lasting over two hours.

That was understandable though as a place at the Crucible was up for grabs.

According to World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) chairman Jason Ferguson, the average shot time of players historically has been 25 seconds.

Hearn said towards the end of the PC, that if after a season, all players' shot times are within the 30 seconds, then nothing may need to be done in future.