"Sword Art Online: Alicization" aired over four seasons and covered the entire "Alicization" arc, which starts with the ninth volume of the original Light Novel and ends with 18th volume. Meanwhile, the anime is now close to the end of the current narrative arc. The upcoming episode will release on 16th of March 2019.

Since the new episode of "Sword Art Online: Alicization" is now just around the corner, the popular animation series has recently published a trailer of the episode which releases on 16th March 2019, and that apparently will introduce a new "enemy".


The upcoming episode will see Kirito and his companions struggling with a giant individual. The trailer of the episode entitled "The giant of swords." It shows us the hard battle that Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice will have to engage with the mighty fire demon. Here is the trailer of the episode.

Episode 22 plot

Fans can expect a bloody battle in "Sword Art Online: Alicization" Episode 22, where black swordsman and the charming Alice will take part.

The two swordsmen not only face the same administrator but they can even battle a gigantic golden golem. Judging from the preview video, it also seems that the seductive Quinella will appear without veils even during the final battle with Kirito and Alice.

Meanwhile, the anime has unveiled a new opening theme. According to Comic Book, kicking off the Alicization Uniting phase of the Alicization arc, the new opening theme features a ton of new imagery that fans will be looking forward to seeing in the series proper.


Kirito vs Eugeo in the last chapter

Anticipated several weeks ago, the duel between Kirito and the most recent Knight Integrator appointed by the wicked Quinella was the highlight of the previous episode. The makers of "Sword Art Online: Alicization" has in fact published a trailer on the net to show fans some scenes of the highly anticipated fight between swordsmen mentors. Episode 21 of the anime was titled "The thirty-second knight." The chapter showed us some moments of the terrifying clash with the sword.

As expected Kirito vs Eugeo turns out to be an intense battle. Manga Tokyo reported that Kirito starts fighting Eugeo and Alice is just observing them from the back without interfering. In the first half of the episode, Kirito is still a little bit stunned that his partner fell to his temptations and Eugeo is cold, only showing minor flickers of emotion at the mention of Alice. The previous episode was released on 9th March 2019.