"One Piece" Chapter 935 is about to get published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in which the current Wanokuni saga will continue. According to GameNGuides, Eiichiro Oda took a one week break on his manga, and now that the vacation is over, fans are expecting to see a new action-filled "One Piece" manga chapter.

The manga is proceeding towards the twenty-second anniversary, and the saga of Wano is getting more and more interesting. The upcoming chapter of the anime is titled "Queen the Plague", and opens with a cover page that shows Smoker while he tries to smoke, but is interrupted by a group of firefighter mice.

The image in the below tweet shows the beginning of Chapter 935.


Raw scans of 'One Piece' Chapter 935

"One Piece" Chapter 935 story opens in the prison where Monkey D. Rufy is captured. It is important to note that Luffy already broke a few rules inside the Mine Prison in the previous chapter. The guards were using force on the old Hyo, and Luffy ran to save him. One of the guards is a user of the smile fruit who has given her six scorpion legs and uses four swords to fight.

However, the captain of the Straw Hat pirates immediately knocked her down.

Other guards flock, including the jailer with a Zoan elephant fruit, who is also one of the strongest members of Kaido's group hits Luffy with a bomb when he tried to attack him. More and more requests are being raised by jailers to kill Luffy. Meanwhile, Queen has begun to dance with her subordinates and her size is revealed, which is 1.32 billion Berry. Raizou rushes to the prison with the goal of freeing Luffy. While the ninja runs between the cells, he runs into that of the mysterious prisoner, who turns out to be Kawamatsu, one of the nine samurai at the service of Kozuki Oden. The man asks Raizou if Momonosuke is fine.


Previous chapter

"One Piece" Chapter 934 was published last week. It is worth noting that the anime has taken a break this week. Since we are still waiting for its official launch, let's quickly analyse the previous chapter and forecast the events that may occur in the next chapter. Some of the highlights of Chapter 934 are that Sanji defeated Page One, Eustass Kid escaped from prison and Luffy helps the elder. At the end of the chapter, Queen was seen in front of the prison when she heard a noise inside the prison.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 936 will return to the 16th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The chapter will release on 18th March 2019. Raw scans of the same episode might arrive on 16th March.