"One Piece" Whole Cake Island is reaching the climax, with the escape of Luffy and his Straw Hat pirates. Under pressure from the crew of Big Mom, the protagonists must hope that the empress will calm down after having tasted the wedding cake prepared by Sanji. In "One Piece" Chapter 875, Big Mom finally manages to taste the desired cake. However, the hope fades away when her appreciation for the cake turns into further chaos. Chapter 875 was released on 3rd March 2019. "One Piece" Chapter 876 will release on 10th March 2019 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen magazine.


As it happened

In the previous chapter of the anime, the empress Charlotte Linlin tastes the cake. Notably, a musical part that enhances the tasty characteristics of the cake prepared by Sanji. Meanwhile, the Germas are not doing well as they are suffering a lot of damage from the rest of the Big Mom crew. The Straw Hats was surrounded, and unable to get out of there alive. Later, the Sun Pirates emerged from under the sea to help. In the upcoming episode, fans will discover what happened to the protagonists after this "Bad End Musical." Fans will witness the final round of the Straw Hat group escaping from Whole Cake Island.

Chapter 876

According to ComicBook, despite Jinbe having told the Sun Pirates to escape Big Mom’s control, the gang did no such thing.

The next episode could show Jinbe. He will help protagonists to escape from the territory of the empress.

The help will come from various sides, starting from the giant tree King Baum, who turned out to be alive and blocking cannon fire. Also, not to mention Pound, Big Mom's ex-husband who also came to help, even Germa 66 also returned to fight.

Meanwhile, the Sun Pirate group has prepared a plan and an escape route for the Straw Hats.


It turned out that the "victory" felt by the Big Mom group was only temporary, and later turned into anger and disappointment. The brand thought the Straw Hat group had been defeated, which turned out to be false. Only the Sun Pirate ship was damaged and burned (plus the Straw Hat flag to be more precise).

Thousand Sunny was in Wadatsumi's mouth who dived into the bottom of Thesea and passed the siege of Big Mom's troops from below. Later, it was discovered that this rescue plan was a joint plan of the Sun groups to protect the Straw Hats and Jinbe bosses.

Indirectly, they are ready to die for Jinbe and the Straw Hats. Eventually, Jinbe protected the Straw Hats along with the others, and will again meet with the captain at Wano.