"One Piece" took a break this week as Chapter 935 was not released on 3rd March 2019. Chapter 934 was released on 25th February 2019. The work of Eiichiro Oda has already broken several records in the world of anime and "One Piece" is one of the longest series ever.

The mangaka is still working to meet all the expectations of the fans. Meanwhile, Chapter 935 will be available on 11th March 2019. The reason for the waiting for the next chapter is because of the upcoming battles. The Wano saga aims to equal the most exorbitant peaks, which is never achieved by the series.


Chapter 935 of 'One Piece'

Now, getting into the spoilers of the "One Piece" Chapter 935. Straw Hat is leading Big Mom to lead to Udon where Luffy is being held. Everyone probably understood that Chopper's intention was to use the power of the Big Mother to save Lu from prison. Queen is there to see how Kid was able to escape. She could also reveal her devil's fruit in the process. According to Otakukart, When Big Mom does get to Mine Prison, Queen is finished and he will either have to run or get beaten at the hands of Big Mom.

Luffy might not wait for anyone to save him.

He could confront the group of Kaido guards to save an old man. Everyone is guessing that there will be a confrontation between Luffy and Queen. Nicknamed "The Plague," Queen possesses a demon of ancient Zoan system. With Luffy's act of rioting at this time, how could the Queen forgive him, most likely Lu will be captured and tortured by her Devil Fruit powers.

While being imprisoned in the enemy's base, Luffy's hands are tied with sea stones. The situation is degenerating, and Cappello di Paglia is just about to openly attack the prison guards. What he does not know is that Queen, one of the three most powerful warriors in the service of the emperor, is outside the gates.


It is worth noting that Luffy has already clashed with Cracker and Katakuri.

Luffy vs Lu

In "One Piece" Chapter 935, fans could witness Luffy torturing Lu in a cruel way to find the Kid's clue. However, with Lu's stubbornness, the Straw Hat is not going to tell everything easily. Meanwhile, Big Mom will also arrive at the prison at the end of the chapter. In addition, the next move of Big Mom Pirates will also be revealed.

Fans might also see how Eustass Kid was able to escape from prison. Kid's escape suggests that he is fast-paced and not as silly as Luffy.

According to Devdiscourse, the spoilers suggest that the responsibility mainly lies upon Big Mom to defeat Queen and save Luffy. And if it doesn't happen, Luffy might have quite a tough time.