Episode 298 of "Fairy Tail" will broadcast on 3rd March 2019 on the Japanese television circuit and Crunchyroll, a streaming platform.

Notably, Crunchyroll offers a new episode with dubbing in different languages every week. Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the animated series has recently shared four unpublished and spoiler screenshots about the next episode. Judging by the images, it can be said that a tough battle awaits Magnolia's Dragon Slayers.

Episode 298 of Fairy Tail

The upcoming episode is titled "In a moment of silence." The Chapter is expected to show the continuation of the heated battle between the Dragon Slayer Laxus Dreyas.

The unpublished screenshots also show that the mighty Dragon Slayer of Thunder will fight against Spriggan 12 called Wall Eehto.


Dragon Slayer wants to avenge previously injured comrades. On the other hand, Dimaria Yesta will have to deal with Sherria Blendy, Wendy Marvell and the kitten Charle.

The screenshots also suggest the beginning of a new fight that could involve Kagura Mikazuchi and the swordsman Erza Scarlet. It is worth noting that Erza has finally returned to the battlefield after suffering terrible injuries in the fight against Ajeel Ramal. Meanwhile, judging by the petrified expression of Kagura, one can say that an unexpected encounter could seriously disturb the girl.

"Fairy Tail" Episode 298 might also reintroduce a character that fans have not seen for a while.

The episode is expected to propose the return of the fascinating Ultear Milkovich, who was prematurely aged during the narrative arc of the "Grand Palio of Magic."

The last episode

"Fairy Tail" Episode 297 was titled "Not before the battle is over." In this chapter, fans saw four members of Ishgar's Sacred Mages grappling with a traitorous member of the group. The powerful Draculos Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod Sequen, and Jura Neekis fought with the wizard, God Serena.

Fans have also seen that God Serena has faced the four former comrades alone.


With eight different elements, the wizard nicknamed Hybrid Theory easily overwhelmed Ishgar's four defenders.

On the other hand, when Zeref's forces were on their way to the town of Magnolia, a totally unexpected guest made his appearance in the battlefield named Acnologia.

Apparently intent on eliminating all Dragon Slayers so that he can become the only dragon still alive, the powerful antagonist of "Fairy Tail" has eliminated God Serena with a single blow.