In recent days, fans have witnessed the disconcerting revelations in Chapter 115 of the "Attack on Titan" manga. Fans are still trying to figure out where the story of the anime will go now. Despite this, "Attack on Titan" Chapter 116 release date has already been confirmed. The upcoming episode will release on 9th April 2019.

Chapter 115 was released on 10th March 2019, and the expectations have not been betrayed, with the author Hajime Isayama once again reserved a twist for another chapter. Recall that the story is focusing on the attempted revolution operated by Zeke and Eren.


The last chapter had shown the story of Zeke Jaeger, owner of the Giant Beast, who tried to commit suicide with his beloved Captain Levi. As the fans already know, "Attack on Titan" has now entered the finale of its current narrative arc.

The last episode

Not far from the site of the Thunder Thunder explosion, Hange Zoe and the rest of the rebel platoon commanded by Floch is about to cross a bridge. From a distance comes the roar of the explosive device and they decide to head in that direction as they were convinced that they would find something important.

On the spot, Zeke is about to die. His half-gutted body is about to faint, and in this situation, he remembers other events from his past.

During one of the last speeches with Xaver, Zeke realizes he is unable to use the power of the Original Giant, but must give that power to someone he can trust. Here Zeke is the key to the activation of power because he is royal blood. After devouring Xaver, he swears to his adoptive father that he would find a trustworthy person. The memories continue with the meeting with Yelena, who initiates the Eldian uprising.


Meanwhile, Zeke understands that he must talk to Eren, his half brother, who probably suffered the same pain he had received from his father. The two, when they meet at Marley, agree on the plan to euthanize Eldia. Zeke dies immediately after this memory, but a strange occurrence involves him, a strange giant appears from nowhere, that tears his belly and puts the man's body inside.

New anime

Zeke claims to have seen the "path" that unites everyone while he was dead. Meanwhile, Eren is commanding a revolting fringe of the army.

The conclusion of chapter 115 has placed a big question mark on Eren's future, given that one of his soldiers betrayed him and now threatens his life. Recall that "Attack on Titan" Part 2 of Season 3 will also arrive in April 2019, with the promise of transposing some of the most exciting sequences of the entire series.