"The Promised Neverland’s" manga is a unique property in many regards, but in terms of its visual identity, artist Posuka Demizu’s background as an illustrator heavily informs its appeal. Meanwhile, thanks to the famous anime fan on Twitter, OrganicDinosaur, we can have a little taste of what awaits us in the next episode of "The Promised Neverland," which will air on February 14 in simulcast on VVVVID.

Surprises will not be lacking once again. The upcoming episode is expected to be heavily focused on Don's entry in the secret chamber. On the other hand, a new character might be introduced in the upcoming chapter.

Episode 6

"The Promised Neverland" has conquered a beautiful slice of the market linked to anime and manga, first with its paper version, and is now dominating in the first part of 2019 with its animated transposition, now in its fifth episode.


The battle between the children and Isabella is in full swing, and the tension is truly palpable in every scene.

Again, thanks to the translation provided by the always well informed (whose tweet you can see above along with new products related to the series) one can take a look at what awaits fans in the sixth episode, which will be transmitted from San Valentino, February 14 next.


The chapter is titled, "What will happen to the two of them who have seen Isabella's "Secret Chamber?" and therefore it is not advisable to continue reading for those who have not seen all the five episodes released until now.


Given the great risk involved, Rei told Don not to try to enter that secret chamber! But, no matter what the cost is to be paid, Don wants to know what the truth is. So he and Gilda infiltrate together in the room above. In that place, they will witness the discovery of some surprising facts.

The role of Emma in this week's episode:

Emma brings Norman and Rei together in the library room. The girl shows the two a series of books written by the writer William Minerva.


Finally, Emma confesses to her companions that she may have found an ally.

In short, it seems that "The Promised Neverland" is about to introduce another important character, to discover its identity we just have to wait for the simulcast that VVVVID will bring to us on February 14, 2019. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next chapter of the anime.

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