Through some new promotional materials related to the game of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," we may have become aware of what will be one of the next narrative arcs. This time, it seems that the events will move into the Demon Kingdom, without excluding heavy influences from Dragon Ball GT. "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is certainly not known for its linearity and it seems, the world born with the arcade video game of the same name has no intention of contradicting itself in the near future.

New Arc

As one can see from the post reported below, it seems that many of the new characters in this saga entitled "The Descent of the Demonic Gods," will be enhanced versions of what we have seen in the various series inspired by franchise created by Akira Toriyama.


The upcoming arc has all the visual clues that refer to Darbula, a leading exponent of the Demon Kingdom. The mentioned character will be in a form far more frightening than what we have come to know in "Dragon Ball Z."

The same goes for another character, Towa, who appeared only in the video games.

The Towa's presence makes even more sense if you think that the narrative arc should visit the Kingdom of the Demons from where she also comes.

Among the others, one can also recognize some characters from Dragon Ball GT, such as a version of Goku / Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 who appears as if he was also combined with Super Saiyan God.

According to ComicBook, The fact that the arc will visit the Demon realm is an exciting bit of world expansion, while the mention of the "Dragon Ball GT" continuity opens up the exciting possibility of some characters from that series making a return.



The character list also includes the new versions of the strongest fighters of the Eleventh Universe, namely Jiren and Toppo. Meanwhile, Cumber and Oren are also expected to be part of the upcoming arc. They were introduced in previous events told in 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes." It will be interesting to see the Kingdom of Demons and its creatures often left in the shadows within the original mythology.

Meanwhile, the narrative arc of the Universal Conflict is showing fans a war between some villain coming from the Seed of the Universe and the fighters of the Universes 6 and 7.

Among the enemies, there are two artificial Tsufuru very similar to Baby, historical antagonist of "Dragon Ball GT." In addition to this, the eighth episode showed fans a clear tribute to the power of Baby: the twins Tsufuru put on hold by Vegeta and Trunks.