Toei Animation released the second teaser trailer of "One Piece: Stampede" on 22nd February 2019. The Film will have the main cast (crew of Luffy, Trafalgar Law, Smoker, Tashigi, Mr. 3, Buggy the Clown, etc.) and two unpublished and original characters created by Eiichiro Oda. Notably, the two new characters are named Buena Festa and Douglas Buller.

New characters

Regarding the new characters, we learn that Douglas Bullet is a former member of the pirate crew of Roger, while Buena Festa is a promoter of "The International Fair of Pirates," a festival created by pirates for themselves.


The animated film is expected in Japan on the 9th of August 2019. The release of the film in the rest of the world is not known yet. Also, some of the big favorites making an anime return for the film are Smoker and Tashigi, who like the others, will be getting a new character design/outfit for their return appearance, reports ComicBook.

New design

Eiichiro Oda is always dedicated to the variation of design and in a feature film. In fact, the author has thought of a new design for both Law and Buggy.

You can see them below.

Among the many characters presented in the trailer of "One Piece: Stampede" there have been new additions but also numerous returns. Buggy the Clown will also appear in the film. Notably, Buggy does not appear in the anime from the narrative arc of Zou, when he was shown for a short time on the Buggy district at Karai Bari Island. The clown, however, will make his return to the pirate world this August.


The clown and his crew have provided for an updated design.

Recall that the "One Piece: Stampede" is related to the events of the manga after the escape of the crew of Luffy from the clutches of Big Mom, then with the conclusion of the narrative arc of Whole Cake Island, and as a preview of Wano. Many fans might be hoping that there will be a new interaction between Luffy and the captain of the Pirates, after sharing the descent and ascent to Impel Down together.

Meanwhile, the official website of the Japanese TV station of Fuji TV and Shueisha through Weekly Shonen Jump has published a short story about the next episode of the animated series "One Piece" Chapter 874.

The animated series that is transposing the narrative arc of Whole Cake Island has reached 873 episodes recently. The upcoming episode of the anime series is titled as "The Last Hope - The arrival of the Pirates of the Sun." The narrative arc of Whole Cake Island written and designed by Eiichiro Oda in his original manga.