After holding their audience in suspense, One Piece's soul finally seems ready to mark the word on the story of Whole Cake Island and turn the page. Transmitted in the early hours of the morning, Episode 871 marked the end of a certain battle. In "One Piece" Episode 871, Luffy and Katakuri have reached their limits and they are unable to fight anymore.

Before letting Luffy go, Katakuri asks if Luffy will come back again to defeat Big Mom or not. With full confidence, Luffy said that he can defeat Big Mom because he would become the Pirate King.


The last episode also showed Katakuri collapsed, and Luffy weakly walked away from the battlefield. According to, Luffy, left standing over Katakuri, is the clear winner of this bout, and he covers Katakuri's mouth with his spare hat before leaving his side as a showing of good faith between the two warriors.

Luffy vs Katakuri

It took many months of hard struggle, but the violent and exciting fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri has finally come to an end. Both contenders have given their all, but in the end, it was the young pirate from the Straw Hat who came up with it.

And now that Katakuri lies on the ground defeated, for the rubber boys it is time to go back to their friends. Did Pekoms and Luffy manage to get out of here alive? See the preview of "One Piece" episode 872 below.

Chapter 872

Wanting to continue and appreciate Pedro's wishes, which is to help the Straw Hat group out of Whole Cake Island, Pekoms is now carrying out the task and Luffy's safety is in his hands. Bringing Brulee with them, Pekoms, Luffy, and Brulee will immediately come out in the mirror on the island of Cacao, where there is only one mirror there and has been surrounded by Big Mom troops led by the Oven.


When out of the mirror, Pekoms used Brulee's body to cover Luffy's body so that Big Mom's troops would not know, then he also made Brulee hostage.

The trailer for the "One Piece" episode 872, entitled "A desperate situation - Luffy's iron trapping!," also reveals that Nami, Jinbe and the other comrades are actually waiting for the return of the captain, who in the World of Mirrors has found an old ally, Pekoms. Determined to honour the sacrifice of his friend Pedro, the Mink will not hesitate for a single moment to risk his life, to protect that of Luffy.

The trailer of the next episode of "One Piece" reveals that the Mink, after seeing the full moon, will be transformed into Sulong, unleashing the true strength of its people.