"One Piece" Chapter 875 is going to be interesting. This chapter is titled "A Captivating Flavor! Sanji's Cake of Happiness!." As the fans already know, Luffy just returned and joined Nakamanya again at the Whole Cake Island. The cake is also in front of Big Mom, he just needs to eat it. The main problem Luffy faced was that the Big Mom forces surrounded him, so there was no safe way out for him. This is what might happen in the upcoming episode. The upcoming chapter will release on the 3rd of March 2019.


Chapter 875

"One Piece" Chapter 875 will show Luffy and the others are trapped and surrounded by Big Mom forces, so there will be a surprising help. This time the help for the Straw Hats came from the emergence of the Sun Pirate forces, they declared that as long as their forces hadn't left Whole Cake, they were still Jinbe's men. According to ComicBook, Straw Hats seem to be in a lot more trouble than they suspected as the end of the preview teases a fiery end for the Thousand Sunny.

The problem is that the help of fish humans from the sea is disturbed by ovens.

On the other hand, Big Mom was very happy because she ate Sanji's wedding cake, which turned out to taste very good even to death (in the sense that the eater could even die happily while eating the cake). All the Straw Hat alliances were beaten up, even Germa 66. It is going to be interesting to see just how Big Mom will react when she finally gets a taste of the cake, reports ComicBook.

Last chapter

"One Piece" Chapter 874 was titled as "The Last Hope - The Pirates of the Sun Come." Fans have seen Straw Hat Pirates began the final phase of their escape plan from Whole Cake Island.


It was at that precise moment that Judge Vinsmoke approached Thousand Sunny to pronounce rather harsh words about her son's account. Speaking to Captain Monkey D. Luffy and commenting on the decision to go into Big Mom's domain only to get the cook back, the sovereign of Germa 66 uttered these exact words: "You risked your life to get it back. Sanji is a failure of the Germa. His skin does not work like a shield."

Meanwhile, Sanji himself preferred not to respond to Judge's claims. Notably, Sanji had already turned his back on his origins.

On the contrary, he remained in total silence, deciding to separate himself from the Vinsmoke family. For years Judge had tried to bring Sanji back to his place so that he could use him during his political intrigues. However, in the end, it seems that Germa's ruler will have to give up on the idea of being able to maneuver the life of Sanji. Cook is very happy with his friends and companions of adventures.