"My Hero Academia" Chapter 217 came out recently. The anime will be back next week on Weekly Shonen Jump after a week's break requested by the author Kohei Horikoshi. Meanwhile, we can take a closer look at how the narrative arc just ended. Fans saw a great emotional involvement of Professor Aizawa, who has a still mysterious past.

The speech that Aizawa gave to Shinso is that the boy must stop thinking of himself as selfish and he must find the strength, necessary to save others. Only after doing so, he can actually count on others and become a true hero.


During this phase, in a very short flashback of Aizawa, fans saw a young Present Mic next to a mysterious individual with an inflated head. Notably, when it is announced that Hitoshi Shinso will enter the heroes section the following year, Aizawa asks if it has anything to do with Shirakumo, but the other professor interrupts him.


According to Otakukart, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 218, fans might be seeing some development with the villains. In the previous episodes, the fights were good, but there was no sense of threat in this test.

Fans can expect Monoma's involvement in some way. According to ComicBook, "If all goes well, chapter 218 will show a bit more of Eri as the precious girl continues to recover from her time in captivity." There is a chance fans will learn which class the Shinso Hitoshi will enter. Also, the biggest question is could Deku be slowly becoming the villain’s puppet starting in Chapter 218? For the answer, fans have to wait a bit more."My Hero Academia" Chapter 218 will officially be released on 4th of March 2019.


The last chapter

With chapter 217, a new arc began. At the beginning of a new arc, the preview line reads “Defend civilians against the Villains!! As Deku gets closer to his quirk, with even more power now, where will this take him next!?,” reports EconoTimes. In chapters 216 and 217 of "My Hero Academia" fans have seen the anticipation and then effective use of the power of the boy of class B. As it was explained during the narrative arc of the Sports Festival, Monoma can copy the quirk of others for a limited period.

This has caused a lot of questions to the fans, especially regarding a possible copy of One for All. During the fight, Monoma has actually copied the quirk belonging to the protagonist Midoriya. However, it did not have the desired effects, which has caused the defeat of the student of class B. Fans can expect that the new information will come in the future on this kind of quirk.

The was created by Kohei Horikoshi and had been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014.