"My Hero Academia" Chapter 218 will take a pause this week. The tight rhythms of the production of the manga often make themselves felt and, therefore, even the authors sometimes need to take a break. This is the case of "My Hero Academia," which, as was announced last week, will be in pause. The upcoming chapter of the anime will release on 4th of March 2019.

New release date

Of course, there is no need to worry, because Kohei Horikoshi will immediately resume work on his manga as early as next week.


In fact, "My Hero Academia" will not be published only in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the number 14 released on 25th of February. On the other hand, the 15th issue of the magazine scheduled for 4th of March, fans will see the pages with Midoriya and the other heroes again. Chapter 218 will therefore soon be available to everyone in English on the application of Shueisha Manga Plus.

The pause is probably due to the huge amount of work that Horikoshi has been facing for years. "My Hero Academia" often consists of only 13 or 15 pages, unlike the other manga of the magazine that usually consists of 19 pages.

However, the great workload derives from the continuous supervision and ideas to be given to the animated series, which requires great attention from the mangaka.


"My Hero Academia" Chapter 218 will debut the new arc. In the next episode, fans might get to see something related to Eri’s quirk, or it could even be something related to Hawk and the league of Villians. Also, Aizawa or Monoma is probably going to question what Midoriya is saving and how he transforms that into energy, and how that defines the new black whips.


The arc of the clash between class A and class B of "My Hero Academia" ended with a bang, with Midoriya developing a new quirk while Shinso realizes his dream of attending classes for aspiring heroes. But it seems that the barrels have not really ended, given the training that opened the new chapter 216 of the series after the examination for the temporary license from Hero. Meanwhile, the relationship between Midoriya and Bakugo has changed radically. Of course, this does not prevent the explosive hero from going wild on Deku to knock him out.

Chapter 217 of "My Hero Academia" opens with Katsuki who tries to encourage the protagonist to use his new quirk, Black Whips, putting him in extreme difficulty. After noticing that Deku fails to use the power if not in danger, he also proposes to beat him to death in such a way as to actually push him to the limit. Obviously, the proposal was not taken into consideration by All Might, who oversaw the fight.