"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" was released in Japan in December 2018. Following the release in the Asian country, the anime Film has been released worldwide including the UK. The film is the 20th installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. The story of the anime revolves around the history of Saiyans. "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" was first announced in the Jump Festa in 2017. The plot of the movie is written by Akira Toriyama. He has also worked on the characters in the film.

The anime film brings an exciting battle between Saiyan nations in the style of Dragon Ball.


Broly, the Dragon Ball non-canon character that fans like the most, has played a vital role in the film. The highlight of the movie is the battle between Gogeta and Broly.

Movie leaks online

Talking about the leak of the movie, according to ComicBook, "as noted by fans like Ajay on Twitter, Amazon UK put up the anime feature for streaming via Amazon Prime Video." Fans were able to check out the subtitled film in 1080p.

It is important to note that the makers haven't released the movie online officially. On the other hand, the producers have already announced the Blu-Ray and DVD version release. "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" will be available in these formats in December 2019.

The story of the anime

The story of the film begins when Planet Vegeta still exists. King Cold came to Planet Vegeta to announce his resignation as a king of galactic forces. He introduced his son Frieza to his area of authority and also stated that he gave up his power to Frieza.


This is the reason why the King Cold did not appear during Frieza or Namek saga, even though it seems that he has more power than Frieza.

Some interesting facts actually appear regarding the character Vegeta. Related to his name, his father King Vegeta turned out to be the third person to use the name Vegeta. This means Vegeta is the fourth person to use that name. Notably, Vegeta was turned out to be a Super Saiyan God in the film. The red-haired Super Saiyan had fought against Broly.

In the film, there is a minor change in Son Goku.

Goku has a new style, which is to stop the opponent's movements with inner energy. However, Broly quickly imitated Goku's new moves. During the end of the film, Goku introduces himself to Broly and friends. He said, my name is Son Goku, but you can call me Kakarot. Perhaps knowing that Broly was one of the few remaining Saiyan, he began to accept his origin as a person from Saiyan nation.

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