"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Episode 94 will focus on deepening the relationship between father and daughter. The last episodes of the series have focused on what is a very important aspect of the anime created by Masashi Kishimoto, the family. In particular, the focus seems to have shifted on the father-son relationship.

Last episode

The last episode showed fans how Naruto tried to enter into connection with second-born Himawari. According to Anime News Network, Naruto is able to enjoy a rare day off. Instead of catching up on sleep, he decides to spend the day with Himawari. Fans have also seen the blond-haired shinobi while he agrees to buy a toy for his daughter, with the appearance of the Fox to Nine Code. The chapter was truly dedicated to a father-daughter day between Naruto and Himawari.


Fans witnessed a nice bond between the Hokage and Kurama. Apparently, it all started with a gesture that deeply offended the Fox to Nine Code.

In short, it was undoubtedly a nice way to revive a relationship, which is loved by fans. Let's try to find out which family fans will follow in this moment of relaxation.

Meanwhile, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" has finally arrived at the end of its longest narrative arc, which is probably less appreciated by the fans. With the return of Mitsuki and Team 7 in the Leaf Village, the time has come to take a breath.

Episode 94 synopsis

Thanks to information leaked directly from the pages of the Weekly Shonen Jump, fans have the opportunity to know what is the synopsis of the next episode will focus on.


Chapter 94 will release on February 17, which is titled as "The great culinary competition!"

The synopsis suggests that Choji and Chocho participate in a great family gastronomy competition. Fans will see a number of activities during the family day including a gigantic binge race. Choji and his daughter will participate as a family team in the competition. Surprisingly though, the sponsors of the competition have a certain special trick for them. The synopsis further suggests that after receiving some advice from Chocho, Choji is very anxious to demonstrate some gallant behavior. It will be interesting to know what Choji will do this week.

It seems that the future of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 94 will show fans a relaxing episode again after the great tension shown in the same saga.


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