The monthly sequel of Naruto's adventures, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" will return on 25th of February. The anime will be released with the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Meanwhile, the first leaks coming from Chapter 32 are floating on the internet.


"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 32 will start with the clash between Naruto and Delta. The chapter will also show the first ninja techniques for Delta, while Naruto will be seen with Rasen Shuriken. The story proceeds, neither Naruto nor Delta wants to yield, while in the distance the small group of boys formed by Kawaki, Boruto and Himawari studies the situation.


Boruto would like to intervene, but the impossibility of using ninjutsu brakes him enormously. Moreover, Kawaki reminds him that the Hokage forced them not to intervene in the fight. The protagonist disagrees, arguing that the father could take advantage of Delta's distraction if they intervened in the battle. According to Hiptoro, Naruto mostly played weaker, but that doesn’t mean Delta wasn’t impressive.

"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 32 further shows the martial arts battle continues until Delta uses an ocular beam that Naruto avoids a little bit.

The ocular beam recalls one of the functions of Mangekyo Sharingan by Kakashi and Obito. Delta relaunches the same Rasengan directly from the eye that has absorbed him, but Naruto is quick and manages to wriggle in time. Meanwhile, the impact of the explosion with the ground makes Boruto tremble, while Naruto and Delta return to the close fight. Just as Delta manages to knock out the Hokage, Boruto activates karma and rushes into the fight with a Rasengan. Boruto claims that Delta cannot absorb what she can not see.


Delta vs Boruto continues

Delta then goes to Himawari, taking her by the collar and throwing her into the air while preparing to use her eye beam. Naruto jumps and stands between the two, then raised a cloud of dust, Kawaki has intruded using his right arm as a shield and collapses to the ground. Boruto apologizes to Kawaki for having forced him to intervene. Delta is annoyed by the outcome of her attack and prepares for a new blow.

So the chapter ends like this as the hero, and the invader repositions themselves, catching their breath and ready for the second round.

The next chapter of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" will arrive on 25th of March in the 17th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Currently, 31 chapters of the manga have been published, and the first 27 are collected in 6 volumes.