The work of Hajime Isayama became official. "Attack on Titan" Chapter 115 has finally concluded by Hajime Isayama and is ready to make its debut next March 9. "Attack on Titan" has been completed and ready to arrive at the disposal of the fans for reading.

Recall that the series has entered in what is its conclusive narrative arc, which is distinguishing itself even more than the previous ones. Fans can expect the extraordinary series of twists and brutal fights in the upcoming arc. The last chapter, for example, deepened the origins of Zeke, the Titan Beast, clarifying his motivations and his incredible tenacity in pursuing his goals are rooted in a trauma dating back to his childhood. More information regarding the next chapter is yet to come.


Chapter 15 of 'Attack on Titan'

The previous chapter ended with the apparent suicide of Eren's brother, who was in the custody of Captain Levi. Zeke Jaeger is a character who has won the lead role of the last chapters of "Attack on Titan" thanks to his betrayal with Marley who saw him pass, at least on the surface. But the events of chapter 114 show what he has in mind.

Fans already know the part of the origins of the Giant Beast, aka Zeke Jaeger. Meanwhile, Chapter 114 has unveiled much more, from the childhood of the character until the moment he came into possession of the giant, also revealing his previous owner.

Zeke's ambition

Tom Xaver was the previous Giant Beast and known to be a researcher, with great curiosity towards the world of giants. Before the start of the series, he was a simple Elder who pretended to be a Marleyan. Once the trick was discovered, his wife repudiated him, killing their son and then committing suicide.


The man was shocked by the event, which then pushed him to become a chosen eldiano soldier and new bearer of the Giant Beast. During the flashback, fans saw how he trains alone with a baseball, but his eyes are on Zeke. Just after the latter's failure in the choice of Eldian soldiers, he took him under his wing.

Years later, when the time of Tom Xaver is almost expired, fans also discover what Zeke's goals are, shared with Xaver himself: Zeke wants the complete genocide of the Elder race, aided by the powers of the Ancestral Giant that could make everything sterile the people.

In this way, according to the two, the threat of the giants should no longer be feared by the whole world. According to Comic Book, Zeke’s parents were so zealous they began to ignore their son’s needs as they forced him to become a Titan Warrior.