The most recent fight proposed by the soul of "One Piece" is literally holding the many fans of Eiichiro Oda worldwide, who are waiting anxiously to admire the conclusion of the hostilities between the captain Monkey D. Luffy and the rival Charlotte Katakuri.

Meanwhile, the Japanese monthly Newtype has recently revealed the titles and the technical staff that will deal with the next four episodes of "One Piece," which apparently will soon propose a sensational twist.

Titles of upcoming 'One Piece' episodes

"One Piece" - Episode 868 - "The determination of a man - The great deadly combat of Katakuri." It will release on January 13.


Meanwhile, According to ComicBook, “When Katakuri finds out what is up with Luffy, he stabs his stomach with the Mole and reveals his secret which he has been hiding for some time,”

"One Piece" - Episode 869 - "Awakening! The Ambition of Perception that surpasses even the strongest." It will release on January 20.

"One Piece"- Episode 870 - "Fists like crazy! Activation of the new Gear Fourth!." It will release on January 27.

"One Piece" - Episode 871 - "Finally comes to an end - The outcome of the fierce battle against Katakuri." It will release on February 3.

Luffy in action

Not only the next episodes will see the debut of a new Gear Fourth of Luffy, who currently can already count on Boundman and Tankman, but even in the first days of February 2019, fans could finally see the conclusion of the match Katakuri! Will the rubber pirate succeed in snatching the victory from his fierce rival? Fnas have to wait for the answers.

Meanwhile, Talking about "One Piece" Chapter 930, "The Episode will likely see us going back to Flower Capital. Towards the end of Chapter 929, we saw Law and Sanji getting ready to fight against Page One and X Drake.

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They’re there to kill Sanji for hurting the Kyoushiro family," reports Otakukart.

It is also worth noting that "One Piece" manga creator Eiichiro Oda recently hinted that the ending of the manga is "near" and the manga will have "just over 100 volumes." During the Jump Festival, on the occasion of the panel of "One Piece," the author has unveiled several new features in view for next year, reserving to the fans so many "goodies" together with Toei Animation. I have admired the first image of the dedicated anime to the saga of Wano Country, received news on the continuation of the manga in 2019 and even admire the first character design of the Film "One Piece: Stampede," coming out next summer, made by Oda himself in person.