Started several months ago, the most recent fight proposed by the soul of "One Piece" does not seem to want to end because the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, despite the distinct disadvantage and wounds reported during the fight, followed by not giving up.

During the episode 867 of "One Piece," the young pirate from the Hat of Straw has once again shown his will power, continuing to fight despite all the injuries so far reported. Even when the cunning little Flampe interfered in her duel with Charlotte Katakuri, Luffy continued to fight in order to help her brother, trying to refine his Perception Ambition.


Monkey D. Luffy's battle

Relying on his instinct, the boy is improving episode after episode, but the gap that separates him from rival Katakuri is still too large for Luffy to overturn the fate of the clash. In the middle of the fight, the boy still remembered once again the words of the teacher Rayleigh, who had subjected him to very special training.

A flashback revealed that the Dark King, at the time, had blindfolded his young student, encouraging him to avoid his own attacks. According to Rayleigh himself, the secret of the Ambition of Perception is in relying on your instincts.

As a result, Luffy understood that he should not think about how to avoid the enemy's attacks, but on the contrary, it is necessary that this focuses on how to perceive them instinctively.

And although the boy failed to predict the assaults of Katakuri, Luffy still avoided one of Flampe's lethal darts, which in the last episode of "One Piece" has tried in every way to impede the young pirate that the long-awaited turn by fans is now around the corner.

The movie, One Piece: Stampede

At the end of Jump Party some details about the Film and put an end to the doubts about the participation of Oda as project supervisor.


"One Piece: Stampede," will have a certain level of involvement on the part of Oda (similar to Zand GOLD) and will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the anime. The film, according to the words of the staff present at the event, will be so destructive as to seem the end of the series.

On the stage of the panel, moreover, the character designs made by Oda were shown, and it seems that Jinbe, given also the absence of a preparatory sketch, will not appear in the movie. Meanwhile, according to Comic Book, This year, the shonen classic will celebrate its 20 birthday on air, and one fan decided to give Monkey D. Luffy a magical Disney treatment to celebrate.

Stay tuned for more updates on "One Piece."