"One Piece" is about to get more interesting. During the recent interview given by Eiichiro Oda to Fuji TV, I had the confirmation that the treasure awaiting the pirates protagonists of "One Piece" at the end of the series will be something concrete, in addition to the will of the author to change the ending in the case a fan should guess it in advance.

"One Piece" is a true giant of the industry linked to anime and manga, and for over twenty years continues to redefine the canons of its kind, continuing undaunted in crumbling records of sales and longevity. Its purpose will be a real earthquake for insiders and enthusiasts, who have been waiting for it since childhood.


Ending of One Piece

For this reason, one of the very rare interviews of Eiichiro Oda, author of the gargantuan work in question, the most recent, released on the occasion of a television special dedicated to his wonderful home, is always a fervent debate among fans. Meanwhile, I have already reported those relating to the number of volumes that separate us from the conclusion, which ensures the mangaka, will not happen with the number 100 (the real estimate is more for 120 volumes).

According to Comic Book, the creator said the ending of the manga is “near.” Oda would not elaborate on specifics, but he did say the series will have “just over 100 volumes” total." When asked what he would do in case one of the fans could foresee the end of "One Piece," Oda replied that he would change it, confirming that he is convinced enough to be able to surprise everyone with his epilogue.

Oda's comment

But it is not the only confirmation that the creator of the universe dominated by pirates has given to the press, as evidenced by the information on the treasure left by Gol D. Roger and the fact that it is only an ideal.

"No, I hate that sort of thing, it's like the ending of The Wizard of Oz, which I saw when I was a kid, traveling so long and having the only adventure as a reward is really an unsatisfactory thing. they are truly impossible. The truth is like: "I survived such a great adventure, so give me that treasure!."

It seems that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will find a real treasure when the trip to find "One Piece" will come to an end.


The question, as always, is what it is. Well, fans have to wait for every answer. To those who don't know, the anime is coming up with the movie this year. It will be called "One Piece: Stampede."

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