"One Piece: Stampede" is one of the most anticipated anime movies of this year. Eiichiro Oda is probably one of the most eclectic mangakas in terms of using clothing for his characters. Even in the Film that will celebrate the twenty years of the anime, the characters will receive clothes completely different from those used routinely. The first low-resolution character designs were shown at the Jump Festival. Now, however, thanks to Spy, we can take a closer look at which costumes will wear the pirates in "One Piece: Stampede."

Recently, there was a leak coming from the Weekly Shonen Jump issue that will be officially put on sale January 7.


In the tweet you can see below, there are the 9 members of the straw hat crew wearing extravagant and unusual clothes, among which the protagonist Luffy [VIDEO] stands out with the huge bag on his back and the Franky cyborg, extremely similar to a gladiator.

The new feature film dedicated to the "One Piece" universe will arrive in the Japanese cinemas next August 9 and, for now, there will be no further details except that it will be a film about the twenty years of the anime, started in 1999, and that the creator of the Eiichiro Oda series will be involved in the project.

The character designs

No Jinbe in One Piece

If rumours are to be believed, Oda himself will oversee the new film by "One Piece," which apparently will not see the participation of the character of Jinbe. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this information was disclosed by sensei Oda or the staff of Toei Animation, but at least for the moment, the plot of the film does not seem to involve the mighty Man-Fish.


As you know if you have already read our recent article on "One Piece: Stampede," the staff of Toei Animation, during the panel held during the Jump Festa 2019, has revealed the artwork is dedicated to Luffy and his crew members, namely Zoro , Nami , Usopp , Sanji , Chopper , Robin , Franky and Brook . No artwork dedicated to the heroic "Knight of the Seas [VIDEO]" was presented during the event, prompting the fans immediately to doubt his presence.

Since the veracity of the rumour has not yet been confirmed, however, I point out that the absence of any artwork dedicated to Jinbe may not be a clear sign of his lack of involvement in the film.

After all, the character will also have agreed to join the crew of Luffy, but Eiichiro Oda's cartoon has not yet revealed what happened to him immediately after Straw Hat's departure from Whole Cake Island. Consequently, since many fans even suspect that the Fishman may be dead, revealing one of his artwork during the Jump Festa 2019 would have been a giant spoiler on the future plots of "One Piece."