After the break of last week for the Christmas holidays, "One Piece" returns to full rhythm with the episode 867 scheduled for January 6 that will review in action the clash between Luffy and Katakuri. But the clash will not be downhill for the protagonist who will also face a new threat that lurks in the darkness.

Luffy and Katakuri

The clash between Luffy and Katakuri has gone on now for eight episodes of "One Piece" and it is approaching the conclusion. In the fight each hit is fundamental, and for this straw hat is in difficulty.


In fact, during his clash with one of the strongest members of the crew of Empress Big Mom, unaware of them all, is also having to face the secret shots that Charlotte Flampe is shooting at the boy.

The numerous openings created by Katakuri are providing the girl with many opportunities to be able to secretly shoot with her weapon at the captain of Thousand Sunny, who is thus further in difficulty. The episode of "One Piece" will be titled "Lurking in the dark - The Assassin attacks Luffy!" and it will focus on the new opponent Luffy will have to face.

More about 'One Piece'

The appearance of Orochi, the enemy presented to us in the new chapter of the One Piece manga, reminded many fans of the style with which Oda portrayed one of the most derided villains of the entire story: Wapol, ruler of Chopper's native island. One Piece is in the middle of the narrative arc that takes place in the town of Wano, a nation that is based on medieval Japanese culture. During chapter 929 of Eiichiro Oda 's masterpiece, fans got to know what will be the enemy of the new saga, the Shogun Orochi.


What surprised many fans, however, was its outward appearance, which they had not imagined in this way.

The sovereign of the country of the samurai shows a huge and squared head, gigantic and protruding teeth, and an equally large body with clean lines. To older lovers, perhaps from disappointment, he recalled that of another enemy of the Mugiwara, I'm talking about Wapol, the ruler of Drum, the island that gave birth to Chopper.

The ruler shares with him the wickedness and exploitation of an entire nation for his purposes, though not much else.

Of course, it is hardly credible for some kind of kinship or other relationship between the two, who would have no reason to be connected in any way. This is yet another proof of the stylistic choice that Oda uses when it comes to devising its villains, the outward appearance of these evil and subtle characters often reflects their moral nature, just think of the celestial dragons, often painted in a grotesque way by mangaka.