"One Piece" has 21 years of uninterrupted publication behind it. While the longevity of the series (as well as the gargantuan effort of its author) has rewarded. On the other hand, the long publishing life of "One Piece" has led many readers to desert the reading of the work, which now seems endless. Now, Oda expressed himself at the end of the series.

Drawing manga is not for everyone. Drawing a manga on a weekly serial basis will further halve the list of capable people in the company. Drawing a manga on a weekly serial basis for 21 uninterrupted years is one of the things that only Eiichiro Oda could do.


The end of 'One Piece'

"One Piece" now has record longevity, 21 years of serialization, 929 chapters (with the 930 coming) and 91 volumes published have made the series of Eiichiro Oda one of the most iconic and longest in the world. The fast pace of work - due to the weekly publication of each chapter - do not seem to have ever shaken the author, who has continued his opus manga with a commendable overview (with the necessary breaks save life), which has been able to reinvent itself and reinvent the genre over and over again - just think of the strong horizontality of the plot.

Now that the volumes that collect the various chapters of the manga have reached 91, a question has arisen spontaneously in the fans; the number 100 will be the last? Apparently not. To answer negatively, the question was Eiichiro Oda himself, who wanted to "reassure" the readers on the rest of the series:

"One Piece" will not end with the hundredth volume. The series is still in progress."

Eiichiro Oda's words

For some, Oda's words will certainly be a relief, but for others not. Over the years, many readers have deserted the reading of the manga until its conclusion, which still seems far away.


However, going to resume old statements of the same Oda, I can assume that the series will end around 120 volumes. Why? in truth for two good reasons.

- Years ago, during the flashback on the childhood of Luffy (then at volume 60), Oda declared that the manga was exactly halfway.

- In 2018, after the end of the narrative arc of Whole Cake Island, the creator of "One Piece" revealed that the story was 80% complete.

Making two simple calculations, the accounts come back. If from volume 60 (50 percent completion) to volume 90 (80 percent completion) the story is advanced by 30 percent, as many volumes will take to reach 100 percent: 90 + 30 = 120.

Of course, the real percentage of completion, following this reasoning, would be 110 percent, but I remember that approximate figures also those given by Oda, perfectly roundable both in excess and in default. For more "One Piece," stay tuned.