"One Piece" has recently released chapter 930 and is preparing to return with chapter number 931. It was an absolutely action-packed Episode. Now, fans are looking forward to the new chapter, which might decide the fate of a number of characters.

Chapter 931, synopsis and release date

Big Mom tried to enter Wano with her children and Kaido tried to sink her ship. At the last minute, King came in and kicked them off before they could go over the waterfall. However, it’s too late now and the Yonko wars have begun, in “One Piece” Chapter 931, reports EconoTimes.

Also, she will enter the Wano Country in "One Piece" 931. Sanji is expected to confront Page One. The fans get excited after knowing that Sanji will prove to be dominating over Page One.


His Raid Suit may be Phantom Black, and it allows him to conceal his presence, much like the Suke Suke no Mi. It is also possible that Zoro will decide to show up, and we will see Sanji and Zoro vs. Drake and Hawkins, reports Otakukart.

"One Piece" Chapter 931 will officially be released anytime in February. However, the scans are expected to be out by February 1.

Luffy 10-year challenge

The 10 Year Challenge is spreading around the net, to the point that the trend has come to affect even the fictional characters. It has already happened with Naruto and now it's up to Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of "One Piece." Let's go find out what the fans have invented.

From Reddit, a montage emerges that compares - as is usual in the now infamous 10 Year Challenge - the Luffy of ten years ago with that of now.


The versions of the protagonist of 2009 and 2019 are then compared.

From the first image emerges the 2009 Luffy, the image is clearly extrapolated from the first landing of the Straw Hat Pirates to the Sabaody Islands and we can understand it from the hero's outfit, who wore a light blue vest for the occasion. That journey proved to be tragic for the protagonists, but also fundamental for future developments. The Mugiwara were defeated by the Navy at the hands of Admiral Kizaru and Bear Bartholomew used his power to divide them into diametrically opposed corners of the planet. From there began the narrative arc that brought Luffy first to Impel Down and then to the dramatic Battle of Marineford.


"One Piece" is a manga written and designed by Eiichiro Oda in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (Shueisha) since 1997. Now in 929 chapters, in Japan, the manga has collected a good 91 volumes. Stay tuned for more news and updates.