The narrative arc of "One Piece" dedicated to the battle between the Straw Hat Crew and Empress Big Mom was very focused on the figure of Sanji. After somehow reuniting with his family, and after re-establishing a bond, even if fragile, the blonde cook receives a weapon to be used in the future. To say that “One Piece” Chapter 931 is worth looking forward to would be an understatement since the chapter is also expected to feature progress in the Yonko Wars. The struggle for power has already begun.


The new weapon

There is a new weapon which is the famous bracelet of the Vinsmoke family that transforms members of the family by equipping them with a Raid Suit. Notably, Sanji's bracelet was not shown in a few chapters of "One Piece" because of his refusal to use it. However, it seems that the unexpected weapon will finally make its first appearance.

During the last chapter, 930 of "One Piece," fans saw that on Wano, the scene of the new adventures of Luffy and crew, Sanji is about to collide with one of the most feared generals of Kaido. He is the owner of the Dino Dino model spinosaur, Page One.

Being one of the strongest members of the group for the Emperor of the Hundred Beasts, Sanji certainly cannot spare himself and must also try not to let the members of the Straw Hat crew discover him on the island. Both to hide and to strengthen him, the Raid Suit will then enter the cook's arsenal, and now the fans are waiting for how it will be exploited and integrated into the large Sanji Tech Park.

According to ComicBook, the final panel of "One Piece" chapter 930 hones in on Sanji as he stares his opponent down with a canister in hand.


The item is none other than a Raid Suit holder bearing the number three. Sanji was given his own suit from the Germa 66 during the ‘Big Mom’ saga. However, but he never used it like the rest of the Vinsmoke clan did.

Chapter 931 of One Piece

It seems that Sanji needs to hide his identity, so he’s planning to use the RaidSsuit to increase the chances of winning and to make it faster. Note that Sanji does not have much time at all in “One Piece” chapter 931. He has to knock out his opponents as quick as possible before the other Flying Six members arrive and identify who Sanji is.

The anime officially returns on February 4, after a week-long break taken by Eiichiro Oda. Fans can expect an episode with a lot of action. Stay tuned for more updates. Remember to follow the Entertainment Channel on Blasting Pop for more news about "One Piece."