"One Piece" Chapter 930 is one of the most anticipated episodes of the anime. Through a double page of the Weekly Shonen Jump, I can learn what was the comment that the editor decided to provide fans to promote the release of chapter number 930 of the manga, "One Piece," in the middle of the saga in the country of Wano.


"One Piece" has entered for a while in one of the most awaited narrative arcs of all time, the country of Wano, a nation unrelated to the yoke of world government, whose setting is based on feudal Japanese culture, the samurai combative methodology and the despotism of shogun.


All in all, in the fearsome and still mysterious presence of the emperor Kaido, who is called "the strongest creature in the world."

Luffy and Kid

"One Piece" Chapter 929 had left us with two members of supernovae, Basil Hawkins and X-Drake, both employed by the emperor whose hobby is suicide, ready to get in touch with Sanji and Trafalgar Law, both undercover. The main situation, however, is undoubtedly that of Luffy, imprisoned along with another belonging to the worst generation, Eustass Kid, in a prison-factory, forced to forced labour.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 930 will heavily focus on the operation to help Luffy escape the prison. I strongly believe that Kid will help Luffy escape the prison and defeat Kaido.

Just this front seems to be what we are going to deepen in the next chapter, the 930, or at least that could be deduced from the words of the editor of "One Piece," which is the magazine that hosts the series, the Weekly Shonen Jump, used these words to publicize the release of the aforementioned chapter, "Disorder in Wano ...


Here is the Second Act! What will be able to get Luffy?"

For those who have followed the narrative arc in the land of the samurai, the reference to the act is not accidental, since the whole saga is based on the acts in which the Japanese theatrical performances were divided. The first act ended with the scorching defeat of the protagonist against Kaido, eliminated by a single blow of the emperor. It, therefore, seems that the new act will bring the rescue of our favourite captain.

What do you think we will see them in "One Piece" Chapter 929? Will we witness the evasion of Straw Hat? Or will we go back to the Orochi palace to see what's on your mind, also considering the CP-0? It will be interesting to know all the answers.

I will let you know about all the happenings of "One Piece" Chapter 929," once receive more information, stay tuned.