"One Piece" 929 will be officially published in 2019 (January 7 to be exact). As revealed in the spoilers of last week, the Orochi Shogun will finally be shown, and perhaps, in the future acts of the saga of the Wano Country, Vegapunk will make its appearance.

Chapter 929 of One Piece

The Festa Festa 2019 revealed in super preview the first table of chapter 929 of "One Piece," a table that deliberately sent fans off track on the content of the new release.

The readers of the manga had initially believed that the chapter would focus on Zoro and his mission, but the spoilers released last week had partly disproved this.

Now, with the unofficial exit of the chapter, the suspicions of the fans have turned out to be erroneous (even if Zoro is actually present), since the real protagonist of the new release is the shogun Kurozumi Orochi.


The character, on everyone's lips since the beginning of this multifaceted saga, had not yet been shown, but - also because of his name - he had strongly speculated about his skills.


"One Piece" Chapter 929 [VIDEO] almost definitively confirms that Orochi's ability is linked to his name, which calls to mind Yamata Orochi, an eight-headed monster from the Shinto mythology. This character was defeated by Susanoo and has already been inspired by Kishimoto for the confrontation Sasuke vs Itachi vs Orochimaru on Naruto. In Wano, also due to Kaido of the Hundred Beasts (a name a program), there is a rampant presence of Zoo Zoo Ancestral, and the shogun of the country could certainly not exempt itself from this "anniversary." It is not yet clear whether Orochi is a simple puppet in the hands of the Emperor Drago or if the two are allies, but the new chapter has revealed what the Shogun wants.


Now that Joker (AKA DoFlamingo ) is out of the game (forgive the pun, it's the end of the year), the World Government no longer has an intermediary with Orochi, and more generally with Kaido. Wano, as repeatedly said, is a reality completely disconnected from the rest of the world, in which the totalitarian regime imposed by the Emperor has plunged the country into the most total isolationism. However, also because of the Agalmatolite Marina (originally from Wano), the World Government has for the past 20 years dealt with under the table with Kaido and Orochi for commercial exchanges convenient to both parties.

With the disappearance of DoFlamingo, however, the Government had to send the CP0 to deal directly with Orochi, who reiterated that it is Wano to hold the reins [VIDEO] of the game. To continue the exchanges, the Shogun claims that the World Govt gives him the Dr Vegapunk, a fundamental asset of the Government, the first who has sensed the potential of Agalmatolite Marina.