The Festival Festa 2019 in Tokyo has just ended and as fans know "One Piece" has been one of the protagonists of this annual event. Weekly Shonen Jump magazine sent Eiichiro Oda a trophy to celebrate the first 950 serialized chapters of his masterpiece "One Piece." The most interesting thing, however, is that the trophy has the features of the wedding cake seen in the manga during the saga starring the empress Big Mom.

950 Chapters of One Piece

2019 has just begun, but fans already know that it will bring us an infinity of novelty and confirmation regarding manga and anime.


One of these will, of course, "One Piece," which continues to grind records for over twenty years, and which sees its narration continue forward towards a final that still seems far away. The magazine that hosts the work of Eiichiro Oda, however, has decided to carry on with the work, already congratulating now for the first 950 chapters of the series.

At present, "One Piece" is still at its weekly issue number 929, but the new year will quietly bring the saga to surpass the aforementioned figure.

Weekly Shonen Jump has therefore decided to send a trophy to the author, who commemorates forever a goal that is very rare (to say the least) in the history of manga. But it is not a simple trophy like many others, but something that every fan would want to have because it is strongly related to the work he celebrates his successes.

The image

As you can see in the image contained in the post Twitter reported at the bottom of the news (belonging to the always well informed user SP Manga ), the trophy has the features of the wedding cake at the center of the story of the story arc of Whole Cake Island , where the Mugiwara had to confront the powerful empress Big Mom.


The object faithfully reproduces the details, returning that perfect blend of sweetness and desolation (note the human skulls as decorations) that has from the first moment transmitted this curious narrative expedient chosen by Oda as the engine of this saga. Below the plate with the number of chapters, the name of the work and a beautiful engraving of the protagonist Monkey D. Rufy in its most powerful form, the Gear Fourth.

Recall that other information related to chapter 929 of "One Piece" revealed that Franky, received the information that the craftsman he works for sold a dozen years ago the map of the house of Kaido, decides to leave and finally we will have to discover the true potential, not only of the famous emperor but also of the main antagonist of this saga.