The anime of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" is in full swing of the narrative arc dedicated to the disappearance of Mitsuki. However, the arc has not fully convinced the fans, who have been wondering for some time when it will end. Apparently, according to the list of upcoming episodes, a new narrative parable is around the corner.

Next arc

The titles of the Episodes 92 and 93 of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" have been published by the magazines NewType and Animedia (as translated by @OrganicDinosaur on Twitter), and the two titles anticipate what will come after the narrative arc of Mitsuki's disappearance. Episode 92 is titled "A New Routine" and episode 93 is titled "Family Day."

"A New Routine" seems to anticipate a new beginning for the anime, but it could only be an episode dedicated to the epilogue of the Mitsuki arc.


And although Episode 92 might not be the beginning of the new narrative parable, the title of episode 93 anticipates instead something that fans of the series wanted to see for some time.

"Family Day," suggests that the anime will integrate the adaptation of the light novel spin-off Naruto Shinden. Previously it had already been announced that Shinden's books would receive an animated transposition but had not yet been confirmed in what modality. Now, it seems that the story of Shinden will be introduced right in the anime of Boruto, potentially as an episode filler or as the next arc in the series.

Sarada in Episode 89

In "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Episode 89, fans witnessed one of the highlights of Sarada Uchiha.


Sarada said, "I reflected my Sharingan on that blade and put myself under the influence of a genjutsu to stop my chakra. To be honest, we really got there."

With these words Sarada explained to his teammate how he managed to free himself from the illusion, preparing to resume the battle with Kirara. Sasuke 's young daughter has shown that she has both the innate ability of her father (despite her Sharingan and still with only one tome ) that the analytical capacity of her mother, a combination that could one day bring her to fulfil her dream of being Hokage.

Meanwhile, just when the son of Naruto was about to hit the ninja remained helpless, Sarada was able to glimpse on the surface of his blade the reflection of his own Sharingan, a window that has exploited to launch a genjutsu on itself.


We will come up with more updates on the anime and "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations". Stay tuned.