As usual, Sunday is reserved for "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." The Episode 90 is all set to debut its first preview images and spoilers. With the last episode of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" fans have discovered many things, first of all, the real intentions of Mitsuki, previously only hypothesized. In fact, just before the episode came to an end, the young ninja clearly showed his desire to fight alongside Boruto and Sarada.

Episode 90

"Mitsuki and Sekiei," the title of Episode 90 already made fans understand what they should expect. The chapter is one of the most anticipated one of all time. Although spoilers are few, it is not difficult to imagine that Sekiei, visibly upset by Mitsuki's sudden behaviour, decided to attack him.


According to ComicBook, "Boruto episodes 90 and 91 will serve as the finale of the "Mitsuki Disappearance Arc", and the details listed above hint that it will be a finale steeped in both action and tragedy.

Episode 90, "Mitsuki and Sekiei", will see the renegade Fabrications leader Kuu go up against Mitsuki in and suffer some real damage. Spoilers also say, what could have been a possible "friendship" between the Team 7 member and the artificial man turned out to be the result of deception.


The state of confusion and irritation of Sekiei will surely affect the fate of this possible meeting even if apparently Mitsuki does not seem to intend to attack him. The direct attack on Lord Kuuit was certainly a bad blow for the artificial beings, but also a surprise for Boruto.


Fans will also have to expect a counterattack from Kirara, previously defeated by Sarada's cunning and skills.

Here is the image from the upcoming chapter.

The anticipations are not finished, as one can already discover something more about Episode 91, "The will of Onoki," which will be released next January 27. The spoilers further say, to make room for Sekiei and Mitsuki, Kuu appears again on the path of Boruto and his companions. He will make his move, first trying to provoke them with his sinister words, and then attack Boruto.

The unexpected help from the former Tsuchikage Onoki will prove positive for the fate of the clash.


The elder, thanks to the support of Sekki, the new lever of the Rock Village, and reconsidering his will and past decisions, will decide to put an end to and stop the unstoppable fury of Kuu even at the cost of his life. Overall, fans can expect a lot of actions in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates.