Niantic does not stop surprising the Pokemon Go's players and trainers [VIDEO]worldwide. While it is true that no one was expecting an event for many days, the developer has come out to reveal a new special event [VIDEO]starting today. Yes, as you are just hearing, Niantic has revealed this good news in a surprising way.

According to the information revealed, this event brings with it, several interesting rewards as well as new exciting Raid bonuses and many other things. Below is everything we know right now concerning the latest news coming to the popular reality augmented game Pokemon Go.

The new special event happening in the game now

As reported by the portal Pokemon Go Hub, the new event announced is titled: Fighting-Type Pokémon Special Battle Showdown.

As indicated by its title, it is a battle event, in which players will test their skills. An interesting fact to take into account is that by overcoming every challenge in the event, players will have the opportunity to win interesting prizes.

As we said at the beginning, players will also be able to earn special Gym and Raid bonuses, as Fighting-type Pokemon take centre stage. As part of this brand new battle, Pokemon Go players and trainers will be expected to encounter more fighting-type Pocket Monsters. Of course, this includes battle-hardened Pokemon like Machop, Makuhita, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and others. Now, It’s time to test the strength of your creatures during this special battle event. It is worth mentioning that Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Machop and Makuhita, will start to appear more frequently in the wild starting now.

Double XP for Gym and Raid battles in the event

The double XP for Gym and Raid battles are some of the most exciting additions that players can get in the event. It is worth noting the Stardust and Rare Candy for Raids will also be other guaranteed rewards. According to information revealed, Raid Battles will award players a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for competing, and a Rare Candy as long as they meet the challenge. As reported, the New Special Event will last around two weeks, so that said, players will have many good opportunities to make the best of this event.

Additional information

One of the other rewards that players can take advantage of is the Badge XP, the one that briefly appears next to the gym badge when you do something in the gym. Experience for the gym badge is doubled, as well your trainer experience gained from battling and raiding.