Niantic never fails to surprise the Pokemon GO [VIDEO] fans with the release of new special events as well as new features and new updates coming to the game. Just a few minutes ago, it was revealed the release of a new exciting update coming to the augmented reality game. This update follows The Pokemon Go Fest 2018 [VIDEO], which was recently announced by Niantic and as reported by the developer will be taking place once again in Chicago, Illinois at Lincoln Park.

It is worth mentioning that in the coming Pokemon Go Fest event, there will be a special Regional Pokemon making its appearance. Below is everything I know right now concerning the new exciting update arriving at the game as well as the new special rewards and the latest events happening in the coming days.

Special research and rewards

According to a new post just released on the developer web, Niantic is introducing a new special research and with it will provide players with huge rewards. These new rewards, as well as new Legendary Pokemon, will reportedly be available in the coming Pokemon GO Fest event. As for the special research, it is very likely that players can get some new Mythical Pokemon that will appear in special Pokedex. However, there is no confirmation by the developer yet about what will be the new Mythical creatures.

Much speculation is running wild that Niantic will also introduce new Shiny Pokemon in the coming Pokemon GO Fest. However, while it is true that the developer has not confirmed that information yet, the possibility is there.

The new update

Niantic continues to improve the app and bring another new update to the reality augmented game.

Just moments ago, it was revealed that the developer is rolling out a brand new update. Yes, as you just heard, the 0.103.2 version is now available for Android devices.

According to the information revealed by the Pokemon Go Hub portal, the new update brings some new exciting features like bug fixes and more.

Additional information

A new exciting discovery has been revealed and for sure it will be well received by the Pokemon GO fans. According to new data discovered in the Data Mine, Blast Burn just appeared in the APK. It will be an exclusive Charizard. The stats of this new Pokemon are not detailed yet. However, it is very likely that its movements and visual effects will be found in the coming hours in the Data Mine.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.