This year, Niantic has been adding new interesting features to ''Pokemon GO [VIDEO].'' There might be more good news coming to the augmented reality game. Is the developer willing to continue to surprise players and trainers with new exciting changes as well as new additions that users have been waiting for months? While it is true that many ''Pokemon Go'' users have asked Niantic to incorporate some other important features in the game, there is one that is undoubtedly the most anticipated. It is the Ace Trainer. This medal is very appreciated by the players and trainers since its use is vital with the incorporation of the new gyms and is rolling out by the developer.

Below is everything I know right now concerning the new exciting features just incorporated by Niantic and the latest events coming at the augmented reality game.

The Ace Trainer

As we all know, the ''Ace Trainer medal'' is awarded for training in ''Pokemon GO.'' While it is true that it has not been possible to get this medal after the latest update (The one that updated gyms and added raids), things might change in the next days. This medal could be back and available in the game. This badge should not only be available in the augmented reality game but ready for users to win it. It is worth noting that this medal has remained frozen for a time on the list of achievements for historical purposes.

Niantic is working out in a new gym system

After the latest updates and changes in the gyms, the in-game gym system lost so much of its competitiveness.

However, it looks like that the developer will change this. According to latest reports by a source close to Niantic in Japan, the developer understands that the game needs A new gym system and a return of the Ace Trainer Medal. The old Gym System was said by many to be one of the best battle experiences that the app had to date, as players had the option to fight against all Pokémon in their strongest form to generate points to their gyms.

With the new prestige system, any ''Pokemon GO'' player will be able to go to his team gyms and choose between feeding one of its favourite Pokemon and choosing battling against him increasing its motivation.

According to new information revealed, Niantic is rolling out a new gym system. It is worth mentioning that with this new improvement, the developer will also allow players to get a Gold Ace Trainer medal, keeping it “save” and important, as all the others are.