#Dragon Ball Super has ended a couple of weeks ago but there are still a lot of underlying questions that need to be addressed by Akira Toriyama and TOEI Animation. When the producers stated that they will end the show abruptly, it is safe to say that the majority of fans didn’t approve of their decision. The lack of emphasis and limited background story for the new set of characters has left fans hanging.

It was expected that Universe 7 will survive the Tournament of Power, however, it wasn’t clear how they’ll do it until the last episode. The main objective and reward of probably the most entertaining tournament in the Dragon Ball franchise are to survive and a guaranteed wish from the Super Dragon Ball will be rewarded.

Android 17’s request was granted but on that point, a series of questions were raised mostly on Dragon Ball fan pages.

An extraordinary being

If the Super Dragon Ball has the ability to grant any wish, does it mean that this is greater than the Omni-King? The answer is both yes and no. It is a little bit tricky as there is no concrete data that can be compared between Super Shenron and Zeno. Here are some key points that can be used in this debate, however, throughout the series, TOEI Animation has presented Omni-King as the most powerful character in the entire franchise.

Omni-King can destroy anything with a snap of a finger or a simple hand gesture while saying those magic words. The Gods of Destruction can destroy planets but Zeno can destroy the whole universe. It was stated by Whis that there were 18 universes before but Zeno was pissed off and destroyed six of them.

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The only remaining question about Zeno’s power is if he can recreate a planet or an entire universe. That’s when Super Shenron comes in; everybody knows this Dragon Ball can grant anybody’s wish and it was nerve-racking that he was able to restore those destroyed universes in a couple of seconds.

The Dragon God: Zalama

Unfortunately, the debate doesn’t end there; fans should dig deeper into the comparison as again, Super Shenron was created by an extraordinary being named Zalama or Ryuujin. With that said, Zalama might be stronger, above and beyond Zeno. The only problem is TOEI Animation or even Akira Toriyama himself haven’t provided enough detail to the full extent of Zalama’s power. Maybe after the #Dragon Ball Movie, they will look into this topic instead of fans making up their own theories. Regardless of the outcome of their latest project, it is already guaranteed that they can create a lot of stories based on their last series.

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