Dragon Ball has many manifestations of the series in Anime. The first part of the series with 194 chapters adapted for anime was Dragon Ball Manga. This introduced Goku and follows his youth. Dragon Ball is a Japanese manga by Akira Toriyama serialised in Shueisha's weekly manga anthology magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, from 1984 to 1995 and originally collected into 42 individual books called Tankōbon released from September 10, 1985, to August 4, 1995.


Goku is the antagonist in these stories who originally was sent to Earth as an infant with a mission to destroy humanity so the Saiyan could benefit from the resources of the planet.


An accident prevented this from occurring and Goku ended up being raised by a kind-hearted teacher who taught him the martial arts. Goku grew up as a kind-hearted man who became Earths’ greatest defender. The stories centred around Goku fighting ever more dangerous opponents who came to Earth to destroy the human species or to rule. Goku’s life is dedicated to training and becoming more powerful allowing him to be the Earths’ greatest hope of avoiding destruction at the hands of some alien villain. Goku fights every invader as he grows up on Earth.

Universe 7 Saiyan

Goku obviously was an alien, but there is more to him than simply being a man from space. He is a Universe 7 Saiyan complete with a prehensile monkey tail and the interesting ability to turn into a Great Ape. This ability increases Saiyan strength a huge amount. Kami removed Goku’s tail permanently to prevent this transformation, so she could bring back the moon.

Great Ape transformation

It seems all Saiyan’s have this ability as evidenced by Vegeta using a Powerball to cause the transformation in himself.

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The great ape transformation converts the Saiyans’ power level multiplying it by 10. This transformation, however, does not allow for reasoning as well, so the ape form is just a violent ape. To quote Yamcha, "When Goku transforms like that, he loses all sense of himself. He's just a big hairy ape with a sweet tooth for ripping people's limbs off."

Maintaining Reason

Vegeta was trained to maintain his ability to reason in the great ape form allowing himself to transform into the Golden Great Ape form.

Apparently, this allows him to change into a more powerful Super Saiyan 4 form more easily. Transforming back from the great ape form seems to expend an incredible amount of energy leaving Vegeta exhausted and gasping for breath while rendering Goku unconscious.

Goku coming of age

Goku eventually appeared at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament where his tail grew back allowing him to transform in time to save him from being defeated. His transformation leaves him unconscious, but he recovers before the 10 count finishes.


Gokus’ most powerful techniques

Kamehameha is Gokus’ signature move since obtaining it when he was a child. He saw Master Roshi using it and learned it for himself. He has adapted and improved on it since then.

Kaio-ken is a move Goku learned after dying while fighting Raditz during his training with King Kai. Using this power increases his other powers exponentially, but he ceased using it as a Super Saiyan as it is dangerous to use for too long. As a Super Saiyan blue, he became able to manage the power with his more powerful and calmer state of mind.

Penetrate is a rush attack used by Goku. While the opponent is in the air, Goku charges and fires a one-handed Reverse Kamehameha at the ground to launch himself up into the air. Then, he shouts, "I'm going to put everything I got into this punch!" and clenches his hand into an energy-powered fist. A silhouette of a Great Ape (which is said to represent Goku's hidden powers) appears as Goku puts his fist forward and punches through the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

More to come

Goku continues to amaze all through the different sagas and so there is much more to come. Dragon Ball Z deals with Goku after he has grown up to become a defender of Earth. More of his abilities will be apparent in the coming saga.