If you were left wanting to know what would happen after Chapter 58, today you will finally learn everything. Do you dare to discover all the secrets of the series? We warn, as always, of the alarming content of spoilers!

Chapter 59 begins with the meeting of Bills, Whis, Goku and Kaioshin with Gowasu in universe 10, which is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Zamasu. Faced with this unforeseen event, Bills decides that it is time to go after leaving Gowasu some sweets from planet Earth.


However, Goku and company do not leave, instead they stay in space to observe whether Zamasu really will be able to kill his teacher and start his plan of human extermination. What will happen?

Trunks dilemma

On the one hand, on Earth, the little Trunks goes into a rage when contemplating future Trunks being constantly depressed. Thus, he believes a good future can only be achieved through fighting. Trunks, as he did after training with Vegeta in previous episodes, understands that he must improve and protect people from his alternative reality.

And, since we are talking about the alternative future, we are also shown a scene in which Black Goku talks with Zamasu in a house in the forest, which appears to be his private base. Zamasu concludes in paradox, since the strength of an earthly being like Black Goku is necessary to approach his Zero Human Plan and thus finish with the very living beings that may or may not be contaminated by evil.


Returning to the reality of Goku and company, what they fear most is finally confirmed : Zamasu murders Gowasu while his back is turned (so brave right?).

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However, thanks to the ability of Whis to go back in time, they will be able to avoid the disaster with a singular manoeuvre ... Do you want to know about it?

To avoid murder, Whis cannot think of anything else after traveling in time to give Zamasu a magic mitten with drawings of cats. And we say magical because Zamasu is unable to hide his ki saber with this mitten on. When he takes it off, we observe the sharp ki aura around his hand, which sparks outrage from his teacher Gowasu.

Even so, Zamasu discovers his true intentions.

When he is about to attack, Bills stops him. He shows his power to pronounce the following word: Hakai (Destruction). Then, the Zamasu of the present dies in front of everyone. This is one of the best scenes in this saga, where we see the god of destruction in all his glory, destroying the evil Zamasu without second guessing anything.

Already on Earth, Bills and the others assure Trunks that he no longer has to worry about Zamasu. After being eliminated with Trunks’ power, Zamasu will also cease to exist in his future, even if it is an alternative future.


However, in the next chapter one finds that Zamasu is still alive in Trunks’ future, wreaking havoc with Black Goku.

We await Chapter 60 with bated breath ! There will be a new battle against these two enemies in the nightmarish future where the identity of Black Goku will finally be revealed ... Do not miss our future story!


To finish, we leave you with the great curiosity of episode 59; they have included two more novelties in the series. On the one hand, with Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue and on the other, Zamasu and Black Goku in Super Saiyan Rose.